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  1. Welcome to the Nations of Zerreta.The Nations of Zerreta is a Country on Mars.The Capital is Zerreta at the coordinates of 5'14'16.87''N 117'55'43.71''W.The biggest city is Carbontura which is In the East of the Country.The coordinates of Carbontura Are 6'04'35.38''N 108'51'16.74''W.The Language is Zerretian.SIMPLE WORDS: Hello-Kabloji Bye-Uhrata What is that?-Hytrubu jhav gogli? Computer-Blugugal Excuse Me-Ovfra Uuyter CITIES: Carbontura (Pop. 1,275,656) Zerreta (Pop. 872,344) Aivley (Pop. 615,404) (Coordinates 0'41'38.64''S 121'14'17.27''W) Mutrea (Pop. 585,864) (Coordinates 10'35'57.36''N 109'07'24.99''W) Oakley (Pop. 555,502) (Coordinates 8'24'18.36''N 122'54'41.44''W) Ifretea (Pop. 366,714) (Coordinates 0'13'45.64''N 119'29'34.12''W) Poritiu (Pop. 299,902) (Coordinates 1'53'37.07''N 100'03'14.66''W) Jhakitren (Pop. 152,199) (Coordinates 3'33'25.87''N 111'08'23.78''W)
  2. SimMars Beta 2 Mod

    Olympus Mons?
  3. Hole Digging Lots

    I NEED to use this because if you are trying to make a road go under a highway or something it makes an overpass which looks REALLY RETARDED.Also if you try to make a road go under water it does the same.
  4. Update 12 - 12/5/10 - South D31 through Apostles Township and St. Paul

    You could have a regeneration of the District of Wenzel. 
  5. Update 22 - 2/13/11 - Holmes Neighborhood - Olivet Cemetery

    Make an urban area around Martin.It would be good because you can make new towns and cities.
  6. Update 16 - 1/2/11 - Highland Neighborhood and Brittany River Industry

     Why don't you make a highway from Martin to the other side of the region?
  7. Fm Grand Rail Station PATCH

    If You get the ''You don't deserve it'' Cheat,You will be able to put a railway station in a city with 46,000 people.(if you've been to Inverness,UK There is a station with 6 platforms).
  8. Entry 4 - Rivendale

    Very good city! 
  9. Introduction to Plainsport + Teaser

    That Just looks like the east end of Glasgow...