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  1. I have the British pack, as I had the GAME Collector's Edition that was available as a disc from their stores, and came with the UK set and Heroes and Villains. Basically the set consists of a landmark (Big Ben in the UK set's case) which converts all of the buildings around it to a UK style, and an exclusive transport option or in the case of the French one, a Police Station. For the UK one, this was a Double Decker Bus Terminal that works like the Bus Terminal does, but with double deckers that hold about 100 sims each instead of the normal buses, and the Germans get a High Speed Rail set.
  2. COCO Park

    Great looking mall, thanks a lot! :D
  3. Russell Square Tube Station

    Great lot and great sentiment. Thanks for this. :)
  4. The Cobb Troglodyte Complex

    Certainly a very interesting lot. I shall have to try it out before I give a rating :)
  5. DEDWD Ministry of Garbage

    Grea stuff, should come in handy in my cities :D
  6. PEG Lakeside Resort

    Great lot as usual! :D
  7. SOMY Consolidated Hospital Complex

    Excellent, I've used this before (SOMY's original) so this is getting a high mark from me :D
  8. Takadai Yamadera Temple by SOMY

    Excellent stuff....is there any chance of you releasing his school and hospital? I know Baro has already released the Vertical Mall and HTIN Tower so am not expecting to see new releases of those lots.
  9. Microwave Rectenna Plant by SOMY

    Is this lot as SOMY released it, or has some editing been done to it query wise? For example, the names now show up in the build menus etc. A lot of these Japanese buildings are great but the fact the Japanese text doesn't show means that a lot of them end up with no names.
  10. Nexis of Genesis

    I started reading this CJ a while back, but real life events have conspired against me and I appear to have fallen a bit behind the times in terms of what's happened. I shall endeavour to catch up, and once I have maybe I'll throw my hat in to live on Genesis
  11. BAT Projects - SimGoober

    Just like to add my own congratulations on the Golden Llamas that you've won, and also a personal thank you, for the work you (and the rest of the BSC/CSX team) have put in in creating all of these fabulous BAT buildings. I think I have pretty much every single one of them (and that took a hell of a lot of downloading) and they were all worth it in my opinion. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with next
  12. Poland

    Hi Shadow, it's Karl from TT-Forums. I've just downloaded this and will take a look (and rate later) but if your contributions to SC4 are going to be as good as your TT contributions then I'm looking forward to seeing more of them :)
  13. Lidl Grocery Store

    Excellent, a Lidl. It doesn't look like my local one, but hell, I'll take what I can get. Good job as usual :D
  14. BSC Stone Cold Creamery

    Why did I have visions of a big bald wrestler serving ice cream as he beat the hell out of people? :) Good lot though :)
  15. PEG RTK3 WaterTreatment Plant v206

    Impressive....most impressive.