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  1. SOMY Fishing Harbor 2

    I use this for eye candy. I started a whole new region last february and thought a fishing community would be a nice start for a region. I haven't seen a more beautiful harbor. By the way, the SC4 harbors are very, very, very, very boring. So we need more other harbors like this one.
  2. Tweed Volcano Australia

    Built many large cities (a couple of hours per day). Started all over last february. Been looking for a nice region for (a) small coastal towns for fishing harbor etc. (b) towns with farms (c) one or two large cities. Tweed is excellent. I made Mt Warning a bit higher so it keeps snow.
  3. BSC Irrigation Canal Set

    I've been using PEG's seasonal trees for borders of farm land but this is much, much better; I think I'm going to use both: the canal and the trees, to make things very realistic.
  4. SWA Warehouse

    Looks are nice. Be careful: this lot uses plenty of energy. You almost need to build a new coal power plant next to it, in order to satisfy this warehouse's power consumption.
  5. Odra Wodzislaw Slaski stadium

    Tried this. It needs a lot more detail, doesn't look good now.
  6. Rite Aid Drug Store

    I love your work Your service is often not available on the internet, however, whenever it is, it's worth it.