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  1. Final Fantasy X - Spira region map

    Just realized I herped the derp and didn't make the screenshot an in-game view. Something to remember for next time. I'm planning on soon uploading the maps I did of the Martian moons Phobos and Deimos, and of the asteroid 951 Gaspra. Why those three objects in the solar system? Because they were the only ones I could do to scale. Even something like Ceres represented to Sim City 4's scale is too large for the game to handle. But that was a non sequitur.
  2. Final Fantasy X - Spira region map



    This is my first upload. Can't say I'm anywhere near as talented as the guys who churn out those amazing buildings in the BATs and LOTs sections of the STEX, but I do enjoy making region maps here and there. So I noticed a lack of a region map representation of Spira from Final Fantasy X so I made one. It all comes conveniently packaged in a .rar with the initial city files for the entire region included along with the config.bmp and the Spira.bmp. I've gone through these lengths to include the extra files because when I first tested it all out on my own game, the sea level was a bit too high and I had to go through and raise the level of the land in each city plot. Please pardon the inconvenience if you have to go through and raise the land level in each plot on the region. Once that's been taken care of the region looks pretty solidly like Spira from Final Fantasy X* *I would also tweak Bikanel Island and make the land there lower and flatter to achieve the flat desert terrain of the island. And it wouldn't hurt to tweak the area of Mt. Gagazet to your liking either.