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  1. Hi Folks, New to the game, deciced to try it out (last time I seriously played a Simcity game was the original). I accidently deleted the New York Region (oops, ***** mistake), I figured I could just reinstall the game and get it back or I could look online and find it (and maybe other regions). I found this site and region maps, and then it got confusing... I downloaded "right clicked and saved" two maps and their bmp next to it, but before that I had to find instructions and see if I was missing anything (more searching), I realized my maps didn't come with config files so I had to do another search and figure out where to find those (more searching), and I found out I had to create those on my own... I'm giving up really.. I'm a casual player, if I need something (mod, expansion, etc) I look online, I download it and it usually comes with instructions or is pretty forward. This downloading INCOMPLETE map packages is bullcrap, why make someone download your incomplete map and then have them figure out a config file... just attach the thing, make it easy. Why aren't the instuctions on how to download hidden in the forum? why isn't there a quick link on the side with all the answers a new person could look? /rant