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  1. maps turn flat and menus turn blank

    Just curious to see if anyone has found a solution to this yet... I'm experiencing the same blank region problem and it's a massive bummer. I've even tested and can't seem to find one particular plugin that's doing it in case that could be doing it... can't find any sort of patch either.
  2. Hi there, After many years of working off my old rush hour cd-rom I had a re-install and purchased Deluxe on Steam since I couldn't find all the original CDs... Cut to yesterday trying to place all my many modds, etc into the new plugins folder, every time I open the game it gives me a blank region (instead of Timbuktu) and all the text is missing from the settings menu, regions menu, all text. I tried isolating different modds (yes, it took me many hours!!) and still no luck. Hoping someone else using a Mac running Yosemite has seen this problem and maybe has some suggestions. I cringe at the thought of trying to reload all my old files and unzip every single thing... Anyone have any suggestions or know of a particular modd that could be causing this... anything?? Please and thank you!
  3. Awesome! Removed the stations and tollbooth, etc. dat and that did the trick. You're right about Ashland, I meant to say Madison and Wells. Thanks. As for my installation, I use CrossOver for Mac. It's the best for extracting .exe files. It's changed my whole world playing this game when I discovered it. It allows me to extract files and use a lot of the functionality PC users get when installing. While I have you, maybe you can help me with this one too. I still can't seem to get any of the additional bridges from the latest update. As well, my GLR and HSR bridges can drag across water but always convert to raised GLR and HSR bridges. You have any idea what might be causing these things? I really appreciate your help! Thank you!!!
  4. Sorry to post something out of the general NAM 31 bug trackers and discussions but I am having a hard time finding anything about what's going on. Since I updated to the NAM 31 I've lost passenger capacity on my bus stops, train stations, subway stations and some el stations (Ashland primarily). Most concerning is the subway and bus stops, the rest I can replace easier but with so many bus stops I'm not sure what to do. I've reinstalled the NAM several times using varying capacity settings with no luck. I'm on a Mac (no one reads the Mac forum...) running Snow Leopard and haven't had any issues before NAM 31. Thanks for your help and advice!!! ps. Also can't find canals anymore or any of the new bridges... less concerned about these though.
  5. Hi there, Would anyone happen to know why all my elementary schools attendance in my larger cities drops? Every time I have a city that reaches 300k + citizens, all of a sudden all of elementary schools drop to around 200-300 students each and all of sudden when I query residential buildings across town, the education indicator goes to medium. All the funding is appropriate and not below the minimum school funding and there is adequate coverage as well as high schools, college, libraries, etc. Has anyone seen this before? It drives me nuts. I'm running on a Mac if that makes any difference to this issue. Many thanks to the community.
  6. Graphics Issues on Buildings

    I've started to go through the plugins folder and testing the downloads that were placed there when this started happening... not so much luck yet. I thought it might have something to do with the PEG Pinetrees Mod, but removing that hasn't seemed to rectify the issue. To answer your question about it happening at every zoom level and angle. No, it doesn't. It depends on the building its affecting and what way its facing. Zooming in or at will remove the glitch at that level of zoom, but returns when you go back to the zoom level I'm at when I see the problem... if that makes sense.
  7. Graphics Issues on Buildings

    I meant to put that info up. Here it is... ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro I'll try lowering the graphics settings... though I had no issues prior to about 4 months ago... Thanks!
  8. I'm getting some strange graphics issues on various buildings... seems to affect buildings from the base package that come with the original game more than others. This always tends to happen if I switch perspectives or zoom in or out. It seems that pieces of other buildings will appear in the footprint of affected building. It will also attack my cursor and sometimes road intersections... Has anyone seen this before and/or have some insight into what might be causing it? I've been playing the game for some time and for over a year on my current machine. This started happening a few months ago. Any help is much appreciated. Maybe someone noticed this after a download they installed...? Thanks!!
  9. I've been having a similar issue on my Mac for a while now... it comes and goes, but usually happens after I zoom in or out and/or change perspective. I'm at a loss and I've been playing the game on this computer for over a year now... just started happening one day... Any help would be more appreciated! I use, ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro Mac OSX 10.5.7, 2GHz Intel Core Duo
  10. New Downloaded Region issues

    Both of those actions completely worked... Going into each region and raising terrain was a bit of a pain, but paid off. Thanks for the help!
  11. Anyone know why when I download a new region and then go through the song and dance of loading it onto SC4, it turns into nothing but water? I've downloaded a few regions in the last few days and when they are all done rendering or whatever you want to call it, they are all water.... It's quite frustrating... I'm running an iMac 2.6 Ghz intel with osx 10.5. Any help is greatly appreciated! I'm tired of my old regions... Cheers!
  12. Tampa Bay