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  1. Final Fantasy 7 Planet

    I just checked the files, and both the map and the config seem to be intact and download just fine. If you're not able to get them, it might be a site issue or something on your end.
  2. First Image of SimCity 5, from German magazine GameStar

    I log in for the first time in what feels like several years to say: This IS exciting. I will always be a little worried after Maxis/EA's recent "failues," but SimCity is the heart of what they've always done. My hope is that Will Wright will at least be consulting on this project, and that the qualities that made this series great and worth a 5th sequel will not be forsaken in favor of "features du jour" like nerfing management aspects . Lastly, I hope they recognize what communities like Simtropolis have done over the past decade, and assist modders and builders with improving and customizing the experience for all. Fear Level: 5/10 Excitement Level: 7/10 Hope Level: 1,000,000,000/10
  3. Final Fantasy 7 Planet

    Wow, all this time and still at the top! Thanks everyone for downloading it and enjoying it! For those of you having trouble, PLEASE read the Omnibus on how to bring odd-sized maps into the game. This map is not the standard size, so you MUST 1)create a region, 2)before entering it, go to that folder and place the map and config file into it, and then 3) open the region. Again, the Omnibus should have more details. Thanks again!
  4. Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

    It IS one heck of a game, and while dissimilar to the standard Zelda games, it's one of my favorites. My favorite island by far is Windfall Island. You can hear the traditional Kakariko Village music in the new more "hip" tune, which is beyond cool, and I'm impressed as to how much STUFF there is to do there. You'll get to the biggest downside of the game soon, Muzz, something that the creator even said that he was disappointed with. It's actually one of the reasons why Twilight Princess is taking so long, is that they are striving not to repeat the mistake they made with Wind Waker. See if you can spot what it is.
  5. Final Fantasy 7 Planet

    Glad to hear everone likes it. :-D ab3392dc, you need to make a folder for this map and put the config.bmp in it, so when the region opens it's the correct size. I believe there's more detailed instructions in the Omnibus.

    One of the better Astoria, Oregon maps I've seen. If I still played SC4, I'd definately try this.
  7. Final Fantasy 8 World Map

    Hmm, very interesting. I may have to dig out SC4 again and try this. It looks very acurate from here, but I'll refrain voting until I get a better look. :-)
  8. Western Side of Middle Earth

    It's not bad... it's just plain, is all. Right now it's very flat. Try creating some small hills and valleys where they would be in the books. Also, the Misty and White Mnts. are pretty plain. Try making peaks and valeys. Last, make some rivers wider. 6 Keep 'em comin'!
  9. Final Fantasy 7 Planet

    detlef5, I haven't seen this problem.... Are you getting an error message? It's a BIG map, so it may take a while to load up. Other than that, I don't know what to say, man. Good luck! Thanks for the votes everyone! Yay, I'm highest rated! Go me and my one map! :-p haha
  10. Adventures In New Urbanism --- A Journal

    Excellent work! Interesting, yet professional; informative, but not cumbersome! I'm very impressed and from a city and regional planner to an urban designer, I say congrats. You've hit the nail on the head and have gotten SimCity to show what you're saying. Question, though (not a criticism)... the early entries of this journal very accurately described the problems with sprawl and the function of the arterial road system. If you're not already planning on talking about it, could you elaborate on the way the grid or New Urbanist road system corrects these mistakes? I already know, but you've got a great thing going on here and it would bring the road system argument full-circle. Again, great job!
  11. Microwave Rectenna Plant by SOMY

  12. Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

    Date:10/6/2004 11:28:55 PM Author:Zooropa A sign that I need to bond with my Gamecube: I can't even remember how far along I am with Wind Waker. Last thing I remember I was sailing the boat around...yeah, that narrows it down a lot, doesn't it? Seriously, I haven't played since April, at least. quote> Yeah, I haven't played Wind Waker in a year since I beat it once. The main reason is because I'm so psyched about THIS: http://media.cube.ign.com/media/572/572738/vids_1.html?fromint=1 Holiday 2005 will be a good one to remember, if only I can wait that long!
  13. Ground Rail 2 Elevated Rail Transition

    Awsome! Whether it was need or not is not the issue, this was very well done. Also a viaduct wouldn't work here as this is a transition between transportation types, not just a bridge. I for one find this to be a fantastic lot and will be using it in every city! 10/10
  14. Final Fantasy 7 Planet

    Yajimari, it still seems fine to me... at what point are you getting this message? Is anyone else having this problem?
  15. Final Fantasy 7 Planet

    Wow, this map is doing better than I'd hoped! Alas, my computer has issues with PSOne emulators, so I'm afraid that a FF8 one won't be coming any time soon. I'm finally done with the region rendering, so I'm going to fix the in-game shot hopefully tonight to show the whole thing.