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  1. Oneway road traffic signs

    These are great! Could you make them for roads and aves as well? Maybe ones that say 'Downtown' or 'Airport'.
  2. Splash Point Water Park Wave Pool

    Woohoo! Another one!!! Keep them coming so I can build the ultimate water park!! 10
  3. Just a Small Church

    There's nothing better than a city full of devout Sims. The more different churches, the better. Keep 'em comin'.
  4. This IS excellent!! I have been hoping for theme park type lots for a while, and if you continue to make these lots consistently and 'interlocking', it's gonna be awesome!
  5. Air Scrubber

    But also, at least you can do this sorta thing....I have no talent for it :(
  6. Air Scrubber

    It looks good, but the roof of the cylinder building doesn't go with the rest of the lot. Also, what are the stats on this (ie radius, et al). Other than that, it is a fine building for your first.
  7. Cross

    I love lots like these. I personally would love to see more crosses and Christian-type lots in the game.I try to d/l most churches that I think will fit into my cities. I am religious, therefore, my Sims are too.
  8. BAT Victorian House

    This is an excellent lot, for your first lot. And I love Victorian houses!
  9. Modern Light Rail Station

    This is going to be perfect in one of my regions. I don't call this 'modern.' It looks more 'post-modern.' :)
  10. I meant pedestrial TE.
  11. Is this TE? If it is, I'll d/l. But still a beautiful lot.
  12. BRF UrbanLegend Traffic Control Pack

    These are great, but I also need a 'car only' ave/rd. If you can, please do those as well. :D 10+
  13. Archico Office

    honestly, i would love to build a city out of buildings of these vivid colours. But until ever neccessary building has be done that way, I can't and I'm not talented enough to do it. You could make this your own little niche.
  14. Elbeato Enterprises

    My favourite colour just happens to be this shade of slate! I give a ten because of this and all the hard work that went into it.
  15. Tjibaou Rentals

    This has got to be the strangest building that I've ever seen. 10+