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  1. TUTORIALS - Index to all the Knowledge!!

    Yeah I had the same problem. Here's what you do. After you do all the things you did. Load new texture and apply the map. Do this: Notice that the texure is laid out flat. You got to get it on that ball thing. So go back in to the Material Navigator. Pick the little circle beside the word entire. You'll notice all the texures you loaded to the Material Editor. Find the one you want to apply. There should be two of the same one. One laid out flat and the other on a ball. Double click the one on the ball, then you should be able to apply. That should work... Just wait it gets even more confusing in lighting and exporting. Well Good Luck. Feel free to ask any other questions. I'll try to help.
  2. TUTORIALS - Index to all the Knowledge!!

    Accually you do have the right menu. He tends to overlap images to save space. If you looking for the 3d snap button it is to the right of the coordinates (X,Y,Z)
  3. TUTORIALS - Index to all the Knowledge!!

    Do you guys have any tutorials on the motion command in BAT(GMAX)?
  4. Phillippbos Tutorial Help and Feedback

    I hate to be a pain phillippbo, but I was wondering if you had a printer friendly version of your tutorial. I don't have MSWord only Wordpad and everytime I try to copy it from there it just shows text no pics. Id greatly appriciate it if you can help, but if you can't its ok thanks anyways..