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  1. So, my Bk didn;t go as planned, guess I kinda shot my self in the foot cause I didn't use my thread much, learned that lesson quick, the hard way

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    2. Kifflom112


      Yup, you are getting better at your work. Look all of the way were you were and now you are making a office building. Good luck. You're doing good.

    3. engholm1989


      hi im looking for someone to build a couple of things for me 1 is target field for the minnesota twins 2 the metrodome 3 the nes vikings stadium hope you or some one you kno could do it thanx

    4. Halen Of Dania

      Halen Of Dania

      Does that mean where not getting a dark-night version of that bk? Anyways I undersand that you have a alot on your shoulders and things do take time as a matter of fact. It's worrying that not all people see that :|