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  1. Is going to shoot some deers tomorrow :D

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    2. Tonraq


      Should we look back in our past and look back what our ancestors did, or should we move on in the future, where we look at what would happen on our children?

    3. harishna


      There were thousands of Lions, Tigers, Whales, Bears, etc. now they very scarce . You said there are thousands well that is statistically NOTHING and I really mean nothing when you compare it to 6,000,000,0000 humans. So let's keep killing them until there are only hundreds, and so on. There were deer where I used to live in Mexico now there are NONE. And you are killing an animal, another living thing, not because you need to, just because you want to have fun, no matter if you going to...

    4. bluemoose


      How about we work on saving humans lives before we try to save the deer and trees, hmmm. Millions of Africans and Asians dying everyday? No one seems to care.... But GOD FORBID you cut down a tree, oh, no.