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  1. I guess the SC4 BAT threads are dead...

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    2. Ceafus 88

      Ceafus 88

      I was just used to the feedback that used to flow in. I like making mods to share with people, and I always enjoyed giving them to the community. I didn't want kudos, or praise or any of that, I just missed the get down to it tell it like it is constructive criticism that has helped me learn over the years. There is amazing talent still here at ST and all I was saying is I thought maybe they had drifted away from the BAT area. As I always enjoyed listening to the things they had to say that would help me or anyone else grow as a BATer who does this as a hobby.

    3. rsc204


      I totally agree with you for the most part. Getting helpful feedback is much harder than it ever was. I've been used to this since I started modding really. But it's clear from the old threads there used to be so much more in the way of discussion. It's a shame really, because ultimately those discussions both shape content and encourage creators. I personally don't feel "likes" add anything much to either.

    4. Ceafus 88

      Ceafus 88

      I guess even though I am young I am old school. I would rather see a good discussion being engaged between a group of people rather than a like fest. Makes it feel to much like mainstream social media, when used to it was a nice place to get away from that, given it still is, but you know what I mean.

      I had been pretty inactive over the last couple of years so what I left is a whole new ball game compared to what I came back to.

      Thanks for your replies @rsc204

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