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  1. Am I the only one that really misses the 2009-2012 Era of Simcity 4.. :(

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    2. JP Schriefer

      JP Schriefer

      I wasn't really an active member on ST but I miss that time. I think it was like the golden age to SC4, at least for the BATs.

    3. airman15


      I miss it too. It was like a golden age with all the greats running full speed ahead with new projects and entertaining CJ's. There were at least four journals I regularly checked up on but now it's only a small handful of new (albeit impressive) ones. Back then it feels like there was so much to look forward to in so many ways the site could offer. 

      Though I am not proud of my own track record at the time.. I was a combative punk back then and none of my projects could hold a candle to yours or anyone else really. You help keep the quality coming; which keeps me logging in even if it's every so often now.

    4. Ceafus 88

      Ceafus 88

      I wasn't so innocent myself. :P Just ask the admins, but I feel like I have grown out of that from when I was a teen. :)