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  1. EA Site Update

    I noticed this on the EA site: "Please note that if you have modified your game using other programs, the update will NOT work. If you have already modified SimCity 4 or the the Rush Hour Expansion Pack with previous updates simply continue with the instructions below." Does this matter if I've donwloaded mods from the STEX + LEX?
  2. EA Site Update

    I've had Simcity RH for a while now, but Ijust signed up to the website at simcity.ea.com yesterday. I signed up because I kept hearing about people registering the game and getting patches. My question is, where are the patches and other updates to the game? I can only find buidlings like thte ones on te STEX.
  3. I actually meant the High, Medium, Low graphics settings, not the resolution. But, it shouldn't matter if you see it in the tutorials. How much exactly are the stations being used? I ve never used trains before, but there might be a certain amount of use necessary to show a train :s
  4. Are the graphics settings on high (esp. the automata)? I think if some of them are on low, you won't see any mass transit, wether or not it is working.
  5. Power And Pollution

    Nonny Moose, are there two plants there, because I can only find sone :s
  6. Power And Pollution

    It might be too drastic for your purpose but I just use the Black Hole Utilities after windmills become too expensive. It is almost like a cheat because you can power a city with millions of people for a small monthly cost. Water - http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=17908 Power - http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=17909 Search Results - http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/index.cfm?p=files&keyword=black%20hole&view=all On the other hand, I created a city with about 100,000 sims using only wind turbines and two large water pumps, before I foudn the Black Hole Utilities. It is very expensive, but completely eco-friendly. Also continue to add trees and parks surrounding polluted areas.
  7. Like Scott said, read the readme/description of each building. I'm pretty sure that at least some of the buildings have jobs/residents and function like regular Maxis buildings. But some are just there to look nice
  8. R$$$ Without Jobs

    This happened right before I installed CAM. CAM fixes the desirability requierements, right?
  9. R$$$ Without Jobs

    I guess that having those civic buildings rose desirability a lot, but they weren't funded well. I should have checked the desirability data view. Thanks for the mod, but before I install it, I'll change the taxes when I start the city and see how that works.
  10. R$$$ Without Jobs

    I started off a city rather poorly, but I had an elementary school, health clinic, and fire and police. But, I haden't made a profity in sim years. There was average demand for a new city (under 20 sim years) and most of the industrial zones were filled with I-D. There was also a lot of empty space in commercial zones. I deleted the city, so I can't take pictures. For some reason, though, R$$$ building began to appear. And very soon after, they had the no job zot, and later their wealth degraded. There was obviously no job for them, so why would they build?
  11. Is the NAM Traffic Subsystem the same one that comes with NAM version 29? It looks the same.
  12. Clouds

    I never play with clouds to save power, and I have only got CTD once or twice out of 3 months. Shadows are low, and I don't think waves are on, if it is ocean waves. What is UI Transluency?
  13. Airport question

    Try placing a wind power plant touching the airport. I've never used fightthepower, but, it means the city doesn't need power, right? Does placing a power plant negate the cheat? And I know this is kind of off-topic, but if you are using the cheat to save all of the power money, try using this mod. It saves TONS of money (almost a cheat) and this problem should be solved. Just ignore it if you want to use the cheat or don't use mods, though.
  14. Airport question

    Is there a power plant for the rest of the city? If so, can you use power lines to connect the airport to a zone with power? I don't know how much power the airport uses, but you shouldn't have t oraise funding that much to power the airport also.