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  1. Zoom levels

    We all know the camera zoom levels are hyper sensitive. Have there been any mods released that fix the massive jumps between each camera level?
  2. Stage 1: Utilities | Water Systems

    Celestia's Aging Pipeline I decided to do the easy task of placing the water supply system first. I have found that the optimal distance between each pipeline is 12 spaces. Each pipeline can supply water 6 spaces on each side. Not only was the old water supply system built in a very inefficient manner, it consisted of unprotected Iron pipes. This lead to corrosion and eventually failure. The system was in no way able to operate. Using new groud digging techniques, the new system was put in place over several months without disturbing the terrain above. The Southern half of the city is scheduled for its new system next year. Business Years before the rebuild will be complete, companies from all around the rest of the region are flocking to drop their shoes onto Tayonas's soil. Several freight and commuter rail companies have offered to build their railroads within the city limits, but due to the current state of the area the building of advanced transporation systems will be on hold for a while.
  3. Stage 1: Utilities

    The task ahead appears daunting. The rebuild of an entire city will take alot of hard work and time to get done. But it has already begun. The first people to enter the city are scientists and engineers. A temporary camp is setup shortly before a UF is set up. If you are wondering what a UF is, it stands for Universal Facility. This large cluster of structures contains the necessary equipment to kick start a citys power and water systems. it is used as an HQ for the cleanup crew. Shorty after that, a small landing strip is set up for the numerous fire dousing planes that will regularly be dispatched to extinguish the numerous random fires sparked by chemical or nature itself. These fires have cropped up over the years, sometimes spreading into huge infernos only stopped by natural barriers. Without humans around, fire is free to roam the city streets. The last structures to be built are more camp sites that will be the housing for the scientists, engineers, architects, and workmen. This area used to be filled with large luxury estates, only affordable by only the richest of the rich. Now it is just a lonely playground for dust and debris. What was once a beautiful paradise is now considered prime real estate for demolition. It will be the first section for reform. *I won't be making alot of these small updates. I just want to get my CJ started *
  4. Introduction and Backstory

    Background Hello everyone. I am a long time Sim City 4 fan. After a long break from the game I have gotten back into it and I am starting this City Journal to display my new efforts to create a bustling metropolis. But this is no ordinary City Journal. Tayonas will be built from the ruins of Celestia, a dead and trashed city on the river of Procloroush. One hundred and thirteen years ago (or 1996 our time), the scientists of the city started experimenting on a new form of power generation. This revolutionary technique manipulates the basic bonds between atoms to release huge amounts of power. This technique, known as "The Rush Technique", was similar to Nuclear fission. But with great rewards came great sacrifice. A freak accident in the main test plant caused a chain reaction that unleashed a force similar to an Atomic bomb on the city. Fire and radiation spread throughout Celestia, killing most of its residents. Those that remained abandoned the city. The governments of the planet barred the city as a Radioactive dump, cutting off all human contact to it. Eighty four years passed before anyone dared to enter. It was theorized that the Radiation left behind by the event would be almost permanent, but to their surprise the Radiation had almost completely dissipated. With this discovery, plans had been started to repopulate the city by the one hundred and fifteenth year after the event. So that's where this City Journal starts. 113 A.E (After Event). I will chronicle my efforts to revive this city. I will display my methods and techniques to achieve the most efficient and praiseworthy ways of establishing a functioning environment for the more advanced Sims that will inhabit this once barren wasteland. I have created Celestia (and destroyed it >) to look like a grid city with no special mods or lots added to it. This in no way represents how I build, I forced myself to build this crappy city to rebuild in an amazing fashion. PRELIMINARY SATELLITE IMAGERY *Please excuse the fraps FPS counter, it takes it in the shot even though I specified it to not show it. I will fix it for the next round of images*
  5. Palmetto Shores

    A sad ending to my city came when I moved from Florida to New Jersey. All of my stuff was stolen out of my U-Haul in New York at a Hotel, so I must sadly report Palmetto Shores is no more. I don't think I will be playing Sim City 4 anymore. Farewell, Palmetto Shores.
  6. What's going on here? My RCI demand is on the fritz for no reason! What you see there is the whole settlement so I don't know what the heck is going on! I don't have any sort of demand mods either. They won't build any houses! Help!
  7. Palmetto Shores

    Woo, update! Some new development in one of my commercial areas. Brand new apartments! Lease one today! New high density zoning. I recently built a new EL system on my island to the north east. Whos idea was this?! I am proud of my subway system! Zoning of the mainland. I know it may not be a pretty city (it's no GTR), but I have all green city opinion polls except in the environmental department. I'd say I am doing pretty good.
  8. Custom Buildings

    Alright, yet another question. Is there a mod that will make the peds not care where the jobs are? I'd really like my bridges/mass transit be used more often and since the peds prefer jobs that are very close, it just doesn't happen.
  9. Custom Buildings

    Originally posted by: Geronimo Some buildings are growable (which means they will grow under the right circumstances) and some just ploppable (means you need to plop them manually in your city). Some comes as both types. Usually theres a read me that will explain which type it is. If you DL from STEX there is an icon in the bar under the description which tells you if its growable or ploppable.quote> Ahh I see that now. This is offtopic but has anyone made any packs?
  10. I am curious, can custom buildings be built by the game? Aka, will a custom office tower need to be placed by me or will it build naturally in a zone?
  11. Palmetto Shores

    Originally posted by: Twenty20 Nice start, i'll look forward this city to see how you develop it.quote> Haljackey I know you said only to post when I update, but I would really like to interact with people. Anyways. I hope to get more/better screens up after I fix some abandonment issues in my residential ares. Edit: New screens! My (hope to be) skyscraper district The "Dirty" district I was tired of getting the "No Car Connection" things so... Commercial meets residential Overhaul of the agricultural section in progress YES I see that house there More of my highway I know she isn't that pretty, but I am going for functionality at the moment.
  12. Palmetto Shores

    1. Will do 2. Done 3. Alright I'll try that 5. Okay 7. I'll look for one 8. I wanted to get started before I did anything with custom buildings Thank you for the tips. I welcome this with open arms.
  13. Palmetto Shores

    I'm trying to fix the freaking formatting, but it is not working
  14. Palmetto Shores

    Introduction Welcome to my newest city, Palmetto Shores. You may not know me since I am pretty new here, but I have been playing Sim City 4 for fun for a while now. I usually don't get into the city building mood (I am usually destroying, not creating), but, I feel the need to build myself a city I can be proud of. The name Palmetto Shores is derived from Palm Shores, Florida. I just like it . I am totally new to the Sim City 4 modding scene. I have retrieved some mods using the help of the Live Chat members, and I have already started on my first real city. I plan to build the transportation infrastructure from the ground up, but let the game build the buildings for me. I dunno, I just think plopping a city of buildings is plain boring. This thread is not just to show off my progress, but to take in as much criticism as possible. I would love to hear feedback on what I have done, and what I shouldn't have done. My Sim City 4 has all vanilla buildings, but I have the NAM and a few other transportation mods. Please, if you have any suggestions on what mods I should get, I am listening. Without further hesitation, I give you Palmetto Shores.
  15. The Greater Terran Region

    Nice city! Did you layout all the transportation first and then do all the zoning/ploping?