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  1. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Lord, I'm never gonna be able to read all of these posts... Hi to all! I'm 35 and a half and living with my partner in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I work for a contact lens company, CIBA Vision. To explain the screen name, I was born in August (Leo) and I'm male (Guy). There's just no end to my creativity, is there? I've been gaming since Zork on my Commador 64. God that was so cool. You just can't beat a good text based adventure. Since then it's been Monkey Island, SimCity, MOO, and tons more. I just wish that I'd had enough time to build a really great character during the Ultima Online beta test. *sigh* There is just never enough time to play all of the games you'd like. Anyway, SimCity4 is very nifty. Lots of fun, but it's not really a grand new day for the series. But then again, could I have done better? I think not... So cheers to all of you. This is a great site with a great bunch of folks. See ya 'round!