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  1. Harbor Village by Cobb

    I weep with glee that cannot be expressed in words. Simply put: this rocks.
  2. I just bought SC3K, I like the pixel graphics, especially in the Asian tile set. Kinda makes me want to get back into BATing.
  3. htin hitech tower

    YES! I'm so glad Somy's buildings are available here. Am I mistaken that he also made a small residential and commercial set?
  4. Massively Gigantic Japanese BAT Gallery

    Giant robots are somewhat corny, but the genius stuff (like the road underpasses and such) make up for all the gundams scattered about. On the very first site posted, I found some decent-looking canals as well. They're all very talented artists, I'd love to see some of them bring their work over here. (I downloaded a couple of the giant robots myself )
  5. La Bretonne Mustard Seed Rape Farm

    Woah, woah, woah rape farm? I know you mean rapeseed like pmiller's lot, but you might wanna change the title: people find rape offensive.
  6. Operation Buffalo Wing: A Blizzard of BAT

    YES! City Hall. I can't wait.
  7. Safeway Gorcery Store

    Reminds me of the one in Seaside, Oregon. Nice model.
  8. Overpass Park

    It's certainly a unique concept. That's got to be quite strong concrete to hold all that dirt and those trees.
  9. Pedestrian Bridge Prop Pack

    These are just props made from the bridge models. Look for my Pedestrian Bridge Pack if you'd like transit enabled lots. These are designed for integration into larger lots: maybe you've got a small stream or a wide road running through your lot and you want to add a little flair.
  10. Desktop.. Everyone has one of these!

    Awww. That picture blocks Portlandia. Currently, on my laptop, thanks to OS X's awesome background switching feature, I'm using a 103-image rotation culled from the finest of the vector art and photographic category of a desktop site called Pixelgirl. Their audience tends to be Mac users, so they're all artsy and trendy and they generally make me look cool to people that don't know me yet might see my desktop. On my PC, I've rescaled and letterboxed (in a sophisticated dark gray color) one of the honorable mention entries to a recent SomethingAwful contest. It's a deligtfully cartoony WWII-esque scene with stuff blowing up, grenades being tossed and a Nazi flag being torn down from a building all done in a wonderful anime-esque style. However, I won't post a link because anyone who's been on the internet long enough knows not to directly link to content on SomethingAwful. That, and the picture has some cartoon blood which people might find offensive. The picture, if any of you are curious is Army.jpg by Anthony from Colorado. Man, that was probably the most boring post on this thread Edit: Hey, I'm using the Blanco theme too! Small internet, this is. I usually use one called Pixel 8, PirateOS or em_meditation. Pixel 8 tends to be my favorite because I love pixel art, but something about the minimalist design of em_meditation is nice and calming.
  11. BRF UrbanLegend Traffic Control Pack

    A great modd to a great idea.
  12. HAVOC Revolucion Plaza Pt I

    Bonus points for use of Che
  13. Buffalo City Court

    Brutalism: the most heinous style of architecture ever devised by humanity. Way to do something original, jsieczka. It may not be pretty, but it is laudibly unique.
  14. Niagara Mohawk Building Buffalo NY

    I need to make up a new word to describe just how cool this is.
  15. Kaufmann Stores

    Superb design, creative concept and not just another skyscraper. This one's a winner, GreatDane.