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  1. Install error - sim city 4 deluxe

    it was listed as new, in perfect condition and the seller has 100% positive feedback which is why i was surprised. initially i wasnt going to take it further, but i think ill try get my omoney back on the principle of it more than anything!
  2. Install error - sim city 4 deluxe

    Originally posted by: BIWDC If you have any trouble copying the disc,try using ImgBurn google it. That may work better.The disc could have file errors on it re-guardless of scratches. If you purchased your game retail you may want to contact EA support they will send you a sealed copy to bring back to the store.(I think this is how they handle it still).quote> thank you very much for the advise - i used the verify tool in imgburn and the disc has a number of errors most likely due to the scratches i presume, at least i know its not my cpu! i purchased the game from ebay and it didnt cost me enough to make a big issue out of it so i will grab myself another copy. thanks again for the help, very much appreciated i wasnt aware of imgburn.
  3. Install error - sim city 4 deluxe

    thanks, ill give that a try... when 'googling' the issue someone else has posted the exact same problem, which seems like a pretty unlikely occurance if it is infact as a result of a scratched disc, but ill give it ago.
  4. Install error - sim city 4 deluxe

    ive just had the disc cleaned and 99% of the scratches have been removed however im still having the same problem, which leads me to believe its more of a software problem rather than the disc since the disc is no more scratched than any other i use and i get the error as soon as disc 2 is requested? does anyone have any suggestions? whilst i didnt pay much for the same im reluctant to purchase another copy from steam for
  5. Hi all I have recently purchased a copy of the above, having been really excited about playing it i got the following error as soon as i put in cd2 during installation... a problem occured when trying to transfer the file E:\Graphics Rules.sgr from the media do you want to retry or cancel the installation. there are some slight scratches on the disc so im not sure if that is the problem or whether its a known technical issue - is anyone able to help me please? i am running on vista by the way thanks in advance.