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Status Updates posted by simmytu

  1. Wooo my GTX 770 died today! I always knew MSI made some of the most reliable graphics cards on the market!:bunny:



    1. airman15


      If the card lasted more than the 5 years my last desktop did, you already have me beat!

  2. I don't know what feels wore, loneliness or laziness.

  3. Everything is solved with the Dell Latitude! It now runs (Albeit vanilla SC4) very smoothly and this silly "thermal" throttling at 59°C is gone! Man this machine is a beast once its potential energy is converted into HEAT :bunny:

    1. airman15


      Congrats on your upgrade! Which OS do you have?

    2. simmytu


      It's running good ol' Windows 7.

  4. Purchased a second hand Latitude E6540 with the Radeon HD 8790M, now I have to figure out how to run the game on dedicated graphics instead of the Intel Graphics thingy. So far I'm not having much luck.

  5. Yeah! Passed my exams with flying colours! Bitterballen for everybody! bitterballen-va-dobb.jpg

    1. _Michael


      Congratulations! :D 

    2. airman15


      Nice work! I remember what mine were like!

  6. Overwatch is pretty great so far, less rage inducing than lets say Rush in Battlefield 3.

  7. I finally can play SimCity 4 after almost a year stuck with an AMD A4 mobile APU :-D

  8. I finally can play SimCity 4 after almost a year stuck with an AMD A4 mobile APU :-D

  9. Wow that was a long time ago sinds i logged in

  10. I don't no bit updating my profile

  11. I hope that today my new smartphone is delivered, the smartphone is an Sony Xperia S

  12. I hope that SimCity5 or how it is called that the game will be as successful as the SimCity 4, who's agree?

  13. I like your UDI Fighter Jets, keep it up!

  14. I like your background!

  15. Hey Tim hoe was het in Engeland?



  16. Why you have delete your mods?

  17. Hey hoe gaat het met je Paul? Ik vind je bats erg mooi.

    Groeten Simmytu

  18. Hoe is het met je nu? Met mij gaat het goed. Heb je iets nieuws te vertellen? Groeten simmytu

  19. Hello, how are you?

  20. Hello,

    I like your uploads!

  21. I like your CJ dude

  22. Hi cockatoo how are you? And i like your background!

  23. Hebben SimmyDOTuk en ErwinNegentig hun acounts beeindigd? Groetjes simmytu

  24. I liked the old simtropolis prettier than the new version but it has many new benefits, good right?

  25. Hello usfighter how are you?