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  1. Originally posted by: A Nonny Moose There is nothing wrong with setting a transit fare to zero. It just means that the city has chosen to subsidize it. If the Sims catch on, your subway will soon be loaded plimsol down. quote> Sorry, I'm not sure, I understandu you right :/ When I pay more money for a transit fare, subway will have better capacity? BTW. Do you prefer to set all zeros, there ? For highways too?
  2. mass transit - including subway, right?
  3. four more questions: First three about TSCT: in TSCT I set "Base Networ Capacity" - Ultra, and subway monthly cost 0.00 - Is that a cheat? What is exactly "Park and Ride" option ? How you prefer to set Mass Transit usage ? And the last one: I have about 750k population, 30 Health centers and 3 hospitals.. Health rank is green, but on the map there is a lot of red places. My advisor want to give them more money:/ How many hospitals are needed for that city?
  4. Hi, I want to create a relly big population in one city, so i dont have there any factiories. Sims work in other cities. I dont install nothing without some of roads extentions.. So with this "NAM", my sims will work out of town without any problems ?
  5. Hi, First of, sorry for my english (if i made somewhere a mistake) How is it possible, that the way, which sim drive to work is only 1 square to border of the city and "Reason for Abandonment" is long time driving to work? I Can't understand this... I attached screens. To roads are green. Neighbor city is FULL, of offices and factories..