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  1. Glitchy Problems

    Oh thanks! I'll be trying that out as soon as I get home tonite...thanks again.
  2. Ok so I just upgraded my computer (Athlon 64x2 5200+, Radeon 2600 512 mb video board, and 2 gig of system memory) When I load the game up it's not like it crashes or freezes, but when I load a city and scroll it's real jerky and the cars are real jerky too. On the slowest speed the cars are flying by then slow down for about .5 seconds...it's really annoying and the scrolling makes the game almost unplayable. I tried messing around with the in-game graphics settings but that didn't work...Any ideas? I've done virus scans and ALL my other games run just fine...
  3. SmoothEdge Island

    Nice Map