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    SC4, Fall Out 3&4, FPS games, Tennis, Biking, EDM(Trance & Progressive House), Anime, Game of Thrones, The Wire, TWD, Pen's fan.
    - Living a healthy lifestyle, to counter the obscene amount of time I spend online & playing games<br />
    - Urban Planning
    - I'm enthralled by tall lattice towers and massive highway interchanges
    - My favorite 'language' is statistics
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    SimCity 4
    Cities: Skylines
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  1. I think I must of set some sort of record for starting the most threads in a day on simtropolis, or at least the most hidden threads lol. Dropped in another 20 or so trixie nom's and my hands are getting sore from all this typing. With the help of someone else we're now up to 200 nominations! Let's keep it going guys and try to hit 300 or more before the week is up :yes:

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    2. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      And thanks, the nominations are now well past the 200 mark! :thumb:

    3. Takingyouthere


      Awesome! Thanks for the info, you know how much I love that kind of stuff! There's just something about march isn't there? :lol: And I take it by most threads in a day you mean posted by all members yes?

    4. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      Yes, that's correct. Daily thread counts for all members (only global post stats are tracked).

      With the release of SC13, March 2013 was understandably the busiest time in ST history, proven by 2/3 of the above thread list being from that month alone.

      Also in March 2013 there were... :read:

      • 26,196 new registrations  (845 per day)
      • 2,321 new threads  (75 per day)
      • 26,378 new posts  (35 per hour)

      (Adding these together, this was a combined average 182% increase over Feb 2013!)

      But what goes up, must come down. In April 2013, there was a near parallel drop on the other side. And in the case of registrations, the following (4,356) led to the lowest monthly count since March 2010. Those months sure were a rollercoaster in more ways than one.

      Surprisingly though, the most posts ever recorded on a single day was on Aug 10 2006. Unless the data is malformed, I wonder what happened then... :whatevs: