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    SC4, Fall Out 3&4, FPS games, Tennis, Biking, EDM(Trance & Progressive House), Anime, Game of Thrones, The Wire, TWD, Pen's fan.
    - Living a healthy lifestyle, to counter the obscene amount of time I spend online & playing games<br />
    - Urban Planning
    - I'm enthralled by tall lattice towers and massive highway interchanges
    - My favorite 'language' is statistics
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    SimCity 4
    Cities: Skylines
    SimCity (2013)
    Cities XXL
    Cities XL
    SimCity BuildIt
    SimCity Societies
    SimCity 3000
    SimCity 2000
    SimCity Classic

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  1. Ok I think I'm finally done, phew! I was hoping to hit a hundred but I'm afraid I'll be a little bit short. I've spend the entire weekend and then some going through development threads & CJ's, any more and I'll burn myself out completely lol. I've still managed to get up to about 80 or so nominations for about 50 different members :DJust image loading was so painfully slow, it's the wait times that are the real killer. Anyhow time to put these puppies in.