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  1. A problem with NAM

    But how am i suposed to use an exe file on a mac?!
  2. A problem with NAM

    But those ones are for windows...
  3. A problem with NAM

    I think its not patched. Where are the download links for mac? I have version 1.1
  4. A problem with NAM

    I used Documents/Simcity4/Plugins
  5. A problem with NAM

    Hi, so i downloaded nam and deleted the files i dont want. But i dont know why, the mod isnt working. The game is working like before... No additional roads, no roundabouts, nothing...
  6. No Cars?

    Hi, i dont know why but now the cars dont circulate in my streets... There is any car on the road, only the ones that are parked (SFTB tree mod).
  7. Problem with interchanges

    Can you put a link here?
  8. Hi, im using RHM 4.1, NAM... I want to make an interchange and im following this tutorial The problem is that, at minute 2.02, my roads never stay like that... It always have an abruptuous angle... What can i do to solve this?
  9. Some questions...

    Well, I can give you some of the answers. Things that look real are probably photoshopped. That is the images have been enhanced in another program. If you don't have photoshop, the GIMP is a drop in replacement with zero cost. Not all custom buildings have the night lights feature. For the one's that do, you need to update your program to build level 640. I would tell you how, but first I need to know which program version you have. Navigate in windows explorer to C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4 ...\Apps and hover your mouse over the SimCity 4.exe file. If you are running windows 7 it should tell you the version which includes the build number; on other versions of windows you need to right click to access the version. I don't know whether Cycledog's tree set up includes seasonal trees or not. I use PEG's ploppable seasonal trees which are 1 x 1 or 2 x 2 parks. The trees in streets thing is solved Now, my version is 1.1.610
  10. Hi, i want to make cities like some i saw in CJ section, so i have some questions: - What is the link to the mod that puts seasonal trees in the sidewalks? - Some pictures look like reality. There is some program to render or something like that? - How can i put the lights at night in custom buildings?
  11. Hi. I have a problem in the game. During the night, all custom buildings never show in light, only the original game files. Can someone help me solving this problem?
  12. Stone Creek

    Fantastic!!!! You're really a pro. What's the link of that last building?
  13. Stone Creek

    Where i can found that houses with black roofs?
  14. Thank you a lot, but i've had some dififficulties to make it work. What i need to do exactly to put the tree? The readme file is a bit difficult...