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  1. NAM Issues

    well i guess ill just do that, buy the deluxe edition less complicated, thanks a lot for the help guys
  2. NAM Issues

    umm well that sucks , so what i need is to unistall and just buy the deluxe edition?
  3. NAM Issues

    i´ve live in venezuela and just went and told the guy to give me a sim city 4 game and he gave me that one didnt know that there was a deluxe edition, help me with something, how about the one way roads? are they to available only for deluxe and rush hour
  4. NAM Issues

    Hi, i downloaded the nam from simtropolis.com did exactly as the read me file says to install, but every time i select a ex. a piece to place a red arrow appears and when i click to place it my game crashes down, i have the first version of simcity 4 is the does the nam only works with the deluxe and rush hour edition???????