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  1. Problems with metro lines

    I’ve built two big cities (around 2 million people) but I always have problems with the Metro system, I have found that…. -Most of the time even when placing a line from say skilled / executive housing to offices and high tech the line won’t get used 10% maybe -The only time I have ever had to upgrade to the long metro is when connecting unskilled workers to industrial zones -Once you add bus lines anywhere near a metro line the number of metro users falls sharply -Sometimes when deleting an old line it says it has been deleted on the transport panel but underground its physically still there which is a problem when laying new lines. It’s a good game but it’s annoying when im spending nearly 150,000 on bus lines and 100,000 on metro lines (which may as well not be there with 8% efficiency) and the people are still complaining about traffic. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks