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  1. I would dearly love to know how you successfully installed NAM 32 using wine. I have never used it or winery previously, and made little in roads when I tried. Pun intended. A how-to tutorial of some kind would be very welcome. Between this and brunoresende29's step by step screenshots of which mods to avoid, I would be more than happy to manually move individual files to the AppStore's default plugins folder. Assuming I could extract them from .exe.
  2. Running the DVD version of SC4 an Intel Mac

    Again, you have to go into your User's Library Folder (using the Go Menu's "Go To Folder), and located it on the path I gave previously. Here is my screenshot. I do not have a Library folder. Assuming you are running Mavericks or Mountain Lion, Apple made the decision to "hide" the Home folder by default under the Go Menu's "Go To Folder" path. Here is an instruction on how to make it visible: http://lifehacker.com/bring-your-home-folders-library-back-with-one-checkbox-1450300862
  3. Running the DVD version of SC4 an Intel Mac

    @TEG24601 Like Davidmthomsen, I recently downloaded "SIM CITY 4 DELLUXE" on Mavericks. Having played the older version on PPC years previously - and installing the NAM then available - I am eager to incorporate as up to date a version of NAM as can be sourced. Before stumbling on this thread I understood that NAM support for intel Macs had been dropped some time ago. My query has more to do with locating the appropriate installer package within STEX, and how to go about generating the translation from .exe Windows. I have no previous experience in running "Windows Install, Crossover, or Wine", and am a little cautious regards employing such a method. Strictly one time usage seems appropriate. Am I right in thinking that Wine is a freeware app ? I am able to locate the plugins folder in my home library as outlined above, so assuming I can locate the appropriate NAM and unpackage it, the manual placing of the plugins should present no problem. Apologies for aking for clarification, but the sheer number of mods available in STEX alone has me scratching my head.