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  1. Sandbox Mode

    I played 1 of my cities for about 50 minutes as well without an internet connection.
  2. SimCity: Transit and Roading Networks

    I understand that there are two different road widths, but multiple capacities of each. The first road width is dirt road, 2 lane road, 4 lane road, 4 lane road with traffic lights, and the second road width is boulevard, avenue and avenue with tram. Those are the internal names though, in game it's something like: Low-density road, medium-density road, high-density road, and medium-density avenue, high-density avenue and finally high-density avenue with streetcar tracks. Oh, and dirt roads. Personally I prefer the internal names, than what your are planning on using in the game. Any chance you will reconsider?
  3. As a community we know that we are able to solo play. The question is will we able to play offline? If not at launch at some point in the future? The reason we ask is that we are concerned if the server is taken down in a few years time we have a game that we can no longer play. But also SimCity for me and many others has been a game that we like to play when we don't have an internet connection, while on the train, holiday etc. It would be a real shame to loose this ability. I understand why the online may be required with having multiplayer regions and leader boards. If we wanted to play offline in a particular region (as a sandbox) I would like to be able to opt out of this, then have an online region with friends where I am fully involved with the community and online aspects. I agree with you that the social features could bring a new depth to the game. Making it more realistic especially with neighborhood deals and great works. It is something I'm very much looking forward to trying when I get the game and wish I could be at Gamescom this week to try it out. In my head though I could see an offline aspect as a training zone for the game. In a similar way to how Battlefield and Call of Duty have a campaign areas for people to practice and understand the game, before heading online to compete in a social environment. I look forward to hearing what you have to show us on Wednesday and thanks for making the game.
  4. There most certainly won't be a monthly fee. As far as modding goes, keep in mind, modding for SimCity 4 wasn't available on day one. It took some time before those were released. The team understands the importance of modding, though. I can tell you that. So...since we're talking about the forced online and you can't lock threads on this forum would you like to explain to us why when you state "Just to clarify here, if you decide to build your own private region and claim all the cities within it, you don't have to participate in the social features (leaderboard, Global Market, etc.)." here:http://forum.ea.com/...st/8892871.page in direct contradiction to the reasons Ocean Quigley stated were so compelling as to require online play, the reason for forcing us to play online? Hey ya -- I'm more than happy to continue this conversation over private messages, but I'd rather not derail this thread. Thanks! I'd also like to know the answer to this question. If you are unable to tell us now, will we be told at Gamescom on Wednesday?
  5. SimCity Social App for Facebook

    Same here. Just have to wait for bars to refill.
  6. Time?

    That quote was taken from the latest blog post on the SimCity website. So I would say we can definitely change the speed we want to play at.
  7. No more pipelines ?

    In the Machinima interview they mention that you can lay your own pipes and that as well as water there will sewerage pipes that you can lay.
  8. SimCity at E3 2012

    The machinima interview Found a few things interesting from the interview. You can stop time, so i'm assuming you can speed up as well. There will be separate pipes including a sewerage system.
  9. I don't know that much about hardware but the link below may help. Click here There is a Simcity option on there.
  10. I know this isn't a question. But it can be deleted after being red by the mods. Since the site redesign all of the reputation points seem to have disappeared. So as it stands no of the posts have been up voted. Even though there have been lots of votes. Is this being looked into?
  11. A timeline or More Tilesets?

    I think the timeline was defining what era of buildings you wanted to build. Rather than having each building develop over time. Really? From what I had read in other threads, the timeline feature had you start building in the past, around the 1700s for example. As time went along, new technologies would begin to develop such as trains and other modes of transportation. Eventually, you would come into the present era and advance into the future. In the future, there would be more new stuff, such as hovercars. I think the technologies would be unlocked in that way and new tile sets. Each individual building wouldn't have a different version for each time period though. They would just grow in that set time zone and stay there unless you demolished it for a newer building to grow.
  12. A timeline or More Tilesets?

    I think the timeline was defining what era of buildings you wanted to build. Rather than having each building develop over time.
  13. Disasters in SimCity (2013)

    I don't think hurricanes and tsunamis are going to work that well if they were used in the game as they effect a much larger area than the proposed 2km x 2km. They would need to be region wide to be more realistic. The same for tornadoes and earthquakes. So maybe a region wide option of how closely each tile effects their neighbors. Meteors, Godzilla etc should never just happen. I do like how it looks as if fire engines are automatically dispatched now. I would also like that if a building is hit/flooded that it doesn't just automatically collapse. Maybe there is a cost associated with paying for the cleanup or you can pay for insurance beforehand.
  14. Discussion about City Tile Size

    The thing is though that the occupation of the houses and buildings has never been realistic. A small bungalow could have 10 people living in it. Somewhere in the demonstrations it looks like this will be the case in the new game to. As a quick test I just started a new 2km x 2km square in SimCity 4 and within 10minutes I had a town with 30,000 inhabitants. The town wasn't at all realistic but just as an example.
  15. SimCity 5 Facts

    Looking through all of the above it appears to me that; The game will allow modding. The game will use RCI zoning. The look of the game will use tilt shift style photography and the buildings will have the appearance of detailed model railroad models. The game will allow solo and multiplayer options. The game will be on PC and Mac. They also mentioned they are looking at incorporating as many network options as possible. As well as mixed use zoning if the simulation works with it. They also mentioned that they will look at adding a UDI in the future.