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  1. Thank you Tarkus The problem was with SAM as you said. For some reason I didn't noticed a LHD checkbox while installing the SAM first time. I just reistalled it (with LHD plugin) and now everything is fine =) And sorry for the pic, I put train stations right after taking that picture =D
  2. Thank you for your quick answer =) I'm not really sure if I'm missing some LHD plugin, because when I installed NAM it automatically installed some LHD plugin. When I look at to my "Documents\SimCity4\Plugins\Netword Addon Mod\" folder I can see there is one folder called "z_Left Hand Plugin". It contains two files: NetworkAddonMod_LEFT_HAND_VERSIONS_ONLY_Required_Additional_Plugin.dat NetworkAddonMod_Bridges_LEFT_HAND_VERSIONS_ONLY_Required_Additional_Plugin.dat Those are ones I need, right? Or is there still some another plugin I have to download. And I wouldn't say railroads are completely non-functional 'cause they still can carry people from one city to another. And they also works fine with the roads. But I'm not going to argue with you. You have so many trophys there so I think you know better than me =DD It's getting late so I have to leave now, but I'm looking for an answer =) Thank you
  3. Hello, I spent a little time for finding out what's going wrong with my Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition but I couldn't find anything related to my problem. I recently installed NAM. My game is "left-handed side" version, so I made sure that I installed NAM correctly. After that I installed SAM. Those two together are pretty amazing, but I found a "little" problem here though. For example, if I make a short road and then put the railroad go accross the road there is no problem. But, if I do a short street and put the railroad go over it, there's the problem. Trains and railroads works perfectly, but cars cannot accross the railroad. When I looked to the traffic data view (or something) I noticed that the street is actually cutted at the spot where the railroad goes. All graphics are working fine though. It's serious problem in one of my city where the railroad go accross the whole country. It means (in my case) that the north part of the city is not connected to the south part of the city. Well, I added this photo to demonstrate the issue I can't be the only one who has this problem, right? It may be I was just too hasty for finding a solution. Anyway, I hope you can give me some directions what to do