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  1. Hi, thanks for the quick responses. I checked again and think I got the right update, EP1 update for sc4 deluxe. Is it usually necessary to install the 2 mentioned files (bldgprops) additionally? I don't think the detail setting changes everything to plaza textures...? thanks again. jacobinho
  2. Hi at all, after installing the update for sc4 deluxe a lot of textures change, i.e. adjacent parking lots of buildings have a plaza texture instead of parking, the little plazas have no elements that they use to have, like statues, benches or what not, just plain texture. service buildings as well lack parking lot textures. some side walks of buildings as well have those plaza patterns. The parks lack trees and benches as well. To check I uninstalled and removed all plugins, it still happens... Any advice? Thank you and a nice weekend, jacobinho