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  1. Alrighty then, thanks a ton! I only have a few more questions then: 1: What makes a place commercially desirable? Schools/hospitals/ect do it for residential areas, but what exactly makes land desirable for commercial use aside from low commute times? 2: Does the date at the bottom of the menu screen have any effect on the game? For instance, if I have one city at 2007 and another at 2009, will that have any weird effect?
  2. You need a higher region population to support higher density buildings quote> I see, thanks. The amount of traffic generated by your residential city is driving your commercial demand up - Plus residential will remain low if there's not enough jobs to bring in new sims. Don't get into the habit of building commercial in separate cities - They should be tied hand in hand with Residential. Also - because you've given your sims outstanding health care, more of them are staying in the workforce longer and can work for more years. Keep in mind that education (which is city specific) is driving your commerce up as well)quote> I see, so it is better to keep your residential and commercial areas together. Does that also apply to industrial zones as well? Or is it ok to make solely industrial cities? Perhaps I should grow my cities slowly from now on, instead of laying all the highways out ahead of time, and zoning the whole city at the beginning. That way I'd have more room to work with as I grow? Define sizable population and decent education.. IA will always go up if there's low wealth (R$) living in your city. Once the average income of the sims in your city goes over a certain limit (i think 30,000/), IA will plummet. The only way to increase IA demand is by having more low wealth sims bring down the average income. (Average income is a graph that you can select in the graph menu)quote> The population, now that I think of it, is likely quite low. The education level is decent though. About 2/3rds of my sims are medium wealth sims, and the rest are mostly low wealth, with a few high wealth. Which is why I am confused. With plenty of jobs for low wealth sims, why is there still demand for farm labor? Also, when it comes to farms, is there any benefit to providing them with water ? I was wondering, because I've never seen farms grow very large, but I've never seen them ask for water either.
  3. I think this is the right place to post this. If it isn't I apologize. >.< I'll message a mod to move it. So I have only been playing this game for a little while. I went through the tutorials, and decided before spending hours crafting a region out properly, I'd just make a few cities on plains to test out some of the game mechanics. One of the things I realized instantly is this: When I connected my cities via roads, their RCI demands became linked. They always stayed the same. After realizing this, I made four cities: A medium plot all farmland, a small plot all residential/schools/with some small business zoning, a small plot all dirty industry, and lastly a small plot mostly business with some residential zoning. The RCI demands stayed linked and my small four cities flourished in short order. In my residential city I was able to afford schooling and healthcare for most, everything was on the up and up. Then for some reason, their RCI demands all became seperated. My commercial city wanted huge pop increases, but even when I'd zone high density residential areas only low density residential buildings would spring up, regardless of the fact that I had all the things needed to support high density residential. In my residential city, demand for residential zones plumitted, but my population never decreased. Further, there was a huge demand for Commecrial zoning, even though I had openly zoned space in my commercial city with easy acess. In the industrial city there was a demand of course for everything but industrial zoning, even though there was demand and easy acess from the other cities. Another problem I have been having is with farmland. For some reason, once I get any sizeable population, the demand for farming jobs never really goes down. I mean, I can get the demand down, but never to a point where there is no demand for it. Even after educating my people to a decent degree, they still have a high demand for it. A crazy high demand. Any help is appreciated. Is there a wiki or something where I could look this stuff up?