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  1. Nuclear Power

    Ouch, that looks a little rough... I'll be sure to put a fire department right next to it. hehe.
  2. Nuclear Power

    Well, The plant would be on the very edge of the city, so at worst it would affect my industrial area, along with the "low end" commercial. There's already enough air pollution there to re-create the 18th century London fog. So, radiation would feel right at home.
  3. Hello there, I'm just curious about how efficient nuclear power is. I'd like to build one, to eliminate some of the smog fest in my city because of the coal plants, do nuclear plants create much air pollution? And if it does melt down, how catastrophic is the damage? All help appreciated, thanks.
  4. Trash consumption

    Thanks for all the advice guys, now that I have a little more knowledge over the situation, I think it's time to do some trash clean up
  5. I've recently started playing again, and was wondering what everyone does about their trash. As of right now I only have 1 city and the trash seems to be filling up the landfills very quickly. I have 1 recycling center, I really don't know how effective those are. Any advice about this?