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  1. Originally posted by: Tarkus Known issue . . . there's a thread on it here. We have ascertained the problem (it's caused by the AutoPlace Fractional Angle Roads feature that was added in the May 2010 release) and plan to release an update that will fix it and make a few other improvements. And welcome to ST! -Alex (Tarkus) quote> Thanks, I've been coming to this site for years and years, just never posted. Also needed to make a new account since I couldn't remember my old one. I'm glad to see the community for this game is still pretty strong. I played Cities XL for a little while, but region play and the modding of SC4 makes it the only game worth playing imo. Also, thanks for the status update on NAM. Looking forward to the next release.
  2. I am also getting a reproducible crash with NAM 2010. New install of Deluxe. When I remove the NAM may 2010 folder and try it I don't get the crash. My crash has to do with placing a Car Ferry. As soon as I place it I get the crash everytime with the NAM folder in my plugins dir. The Car Ferry is near another car ferry in my city (but on a different land mass).