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  1. Pripiat Long Block V1 (Dark Nite)

    @Reikhardt: It's not scary, it just looks like it's been taken out of a postapocaliptic movie ^^ @zero7: They don't like that, but go there and have a look at dawn, with all the animals running into the city, vegetation everywhere and radiation sickness (I know, they're not enough radiation to be sick in one day) @simhottoddy: Swimming pool, yeah !
  2. Pripiat Long Block V1 (Dark Nite)

    I love Prypiat, probably the most interessing ghost town in the world. (at least the better looking one) You could do the park or the swimming pool too, which are very famous. Nice Work.
  3. Army plane F22 stealthy

    Although I'm not gonna put the military base in my cities, I have to say, NICE JOB ! Besides, the F-22 Raptor is still my favourite fighter, and the B2 my favourite bomber.
  4. Roundabout Subway Station

    No comment since February !! Well you deserve one more. It's splendid, I use it everywhere, and I saw it also supports busses, even better. Unfortunatly now, I can't put anything else in small roundabouts ^^
  5. McDonald's Factory

    Well, instead of "I"m loving it" in France it' "C'est tout ce que j'aime" (it's all I like) I know, translation sucks, and so does the sound of that phrase, I guess McDonalds comercial team in france isn't very good. Still, your factory's nice, except for the pollution it creates !!! xD
  6. JENXGareDuNordBeta

    For those interested: Google Maps
  7. Cherry Hill Fountain Roundabout Filler & Plaza

    True, looks perfect as a roundabout filler. I generally use metro stations for road roundabouts, but nothing special for avenue roundabout, so it's perfect ;)
  8. PARIS very large Fire Department

    Haha, it is a little different from what I found in google maps, but so similar ! Another 10/10. For those interested: Google maps
  9. PARIS large Police Department

    Ok, I don't know how the link to google maps will look like (it's a test) Google Maps
  10. PARIS large Police Department

    I have to say, I'm new here at simtropolis, and when I saw this, I was impressed. Later on I saw the rest of this artist's work and was still as impressed. And by looking at some other work here, we can sometimes find a picture with this police station on the back, like a tribute to porkissimo. It's great guys, keep it up. PS. I use this police station for my cities, and the original one for industrial zones, it looks greater that way ;)
  11. BLaM Obelisk of Place de la Concorde

    Well I'd love an avenue roundabout version because I put those in the most important places of my city. It's absolutly splendid but avenue version is lacking !
  12. Z7 Maxwell Gardens Metro

    I see, thanks a lot ;)
  13. Z7 Maxwell Gardens Metro

    Looks great, I love subway stations. but one question, I see w2w a lot, but, what does it mean ?
  14. Paniloma

     Where the hell did you get the building with the Coca Cola sign on it ? I WANT IT !!! xD