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  1. Are there must have mods aside NAM out there???
  2. When I saw Sim City 4 had hit STEAM, I bought it immediatly. I spent too many hours on it, and after beating the SC2 campaign, I felt like hitting the nostalgia with more Sim4. I've built about five cities so far. I've installed N.A.M. to help with the traffic issues, I've read a few tutorials and FAQs and got the basics of city building. However, all my cities, whenever they hit ~75k population, start crashing. I expect this is due to bad planning, but I'm stuck. I just don't know how to move on from there. My latest city looks like this: Before I hit 60k I had 300k+ in the bank and something like +18/-13k budget, I made sure to micro-manage all my hospitals, clinics and schools to keep the budget down on these. But then I reach that magical 60k-75k range, growth stagnates. Demand for H-T was through the roof early on, I expect because of the neighboring cities. It was nice because it allowed me to bypass the whole D-T phase. In spite of this, pollution is through the roof, even after I switched to Solar, have a Water Treatment plant. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong at that point. Most of my residential zoning is wealthy class. There was high demand for both H-T and R-888 and suddenly, it all crashed. Budget plummeted and now I got 10k and a negative income. I did build a subway network... perhaps it was too quick? I'd really appreciate any help or pointers. Thanks! Resized images to forum limit of 800x600. --Liv