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  1. Coram

  2. The City of Ashburke

    The colony Ashburke has the most population in Selden at 19,218. The mayor of the city is named Hunter Jones. Here is a picture of the colony of Ashburke. In Ashburke there is an attraction point in the middle of the city called The Center of Attention. It has a casino, MLB stadium, a convention center, a museum, and a radio station. Ladies and gentlemen The Center of Attention. The name of the baseball is the Ashburke Apples. They have this name because of the amount of apple farms in Ashburke. Here is a picture of Apple Farm. The casino is called Gamblesters Casino. It is the most popular casino in Selden. Here is Gamblesters. Then there is Ashburkian Arena. It is a silver dome. The Vehicles Through The Ages, museum has all different exhibits. The radio station in Ashburke is 160.1 ILB. "The news, traffic, new music, old music, and more on 160.1 ILB" that's the commercial for ILB. There is this high and medium wealth community. The way it grew looks beautiful. Right next to the community there is a high and medium wealth commercial area. In a different commercial area there is the Ashburke Opera House. Here it is. Here are some suburbs. Here is a north part. Here is a Retail Store Mall. That's Ashburke.
  3. The Start of a Revolution

    Yesterday a group of men called the Selden Revolutionaries ambushed a guard post in Ashburke. 7 Lindy marines were killed.3 revolutionaries were killed 5 were arrested and 2 escaped. One Revolutionary was shooting at the post from his house and was killed there. Here is a picture of the guard post. Here is a picture of the guard post after it was burned down Also there was a riot that broke into a brawl following the ambush. 3 soldiers died 1 is missing and 4 are severly injured. 1 of the 4 is in a vegetated state. Things are becoming brutal between Lindenhurst and Selden.This might be a start to a revolution.
  4. Goverment and the region of Lindenhurst

    selden and lindenhurst journal is awesome  
  5. The Region Of Selden

    The island of Selden is a very hilly region. Only the east part of Selden has leveled terrain. Here is a picture of that part of the region. Here is a picture of the west part of the island Here is a picture of the middle part of Selden. That's the region. Stay tuned for when Selden and Lindenhurst start heating up.
  6. History to Current Events

     awesome. i think we r going 2 do good
  7. History To Current Events

    It all started with China. A new Chinese Primer took power in China. He started China on the path of imperialism. They annexed and expanded in Indochina and in N.Korea. Then as a result the powers of the United States and the European Union declared war on China. China got support from Russia who also got a new president. Russia invaded eastern Europe while the Chinese invaded Japan, S. Korea, the Philippines, and southern Alaska and Canada. The Americans along with the Canadian military re-liberated the area. But, the American president also had opportunity in his hand. He annexed Canada into the new American Empire. This completely broke down relations with the European Union. The United Nations two weeks after, was disbanded. The United States re-liberated Japan, the Philippines and the southern tip of S.Korea. Then, the countdown started. On August, 23rd 2011, a Chinese nuclear submarine was ordered by the Chinese defense computer to initiate full global destruction on the United States and the European Union. The sailors on board the submarine thought that the Americans and the European Union had nuked Russia and China. They launched there entire nuclear payload of 16, 35megaton bombs on the west coast of the United States and 3 major cities in Europe. What the crew hadn't realized was that the computer glitched so it gave the message in an incorrect way. NORAD immediately reacted by launching 29 nuclear missiles at every single major city in China. The European Union also launched their nuclear missiles at China. Russia responded by attacking the US and the European Union. At the end of the day, the entire world was covered in darkness. Selden is an island controlled by the Lindenhurst Empire. The colony wants to be independent and they don't want to be controlled by Lindenhurst anymore. One colonist said " The Chancellor can't boss us around forever. One day Selden is going to come out of the cradle." Selden does not like the way Lindenhurst is treating them. There are riots about Lindenhurst all over the island. Some soldiers are being beaten by colonists. This can break out to all out war.
  8. Explosive details

    awesome. this story is getting interesting
  9. Expansion and Opportunity

    awesome city journal. from awesomedude7