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  1. Barry Sanders Project

    These are coming along nicely. The roof looks so...gritty.
  2. ATeX Tubes Addon

    ouch. that's a bad deal, and hope you recover well from it. your health needs to come first, after all.
  3. Freight Rail

    What drives the demand for freight then, and how can it be increased or regulated?
  4. Delete a city from region view

    Originally posted by: weareanidiot You could also get a copy of the region, if possible, and then import that city tile from the equivalent one in the identical region. Or just redo the landscape, it doesn't look that complicated really...quote> I had this happen last week with a custom map, when I deleted a problem city (which also deleted the terrain). Importing the equivalent city tile from a copy didn't replace the terrain, so I moved the existing region (the one with the cities) into the Regions\Downloads folder and copied a new, blank' one into the Regions folder, and imported all of the existing cites EXCEPT the affected tile. Hope one of these two methods will help you!