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    I'm up for discussing a lot of topics. Several of my core interests include aircraft types, both civil and military. I like other vehicles such as cars, ships and trains. In my spare time, I watch a lot of animated shows or listen to music.
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  1. I finally hit a wall in building a city.. I just can't be satisfied with any of my high-realism attempts at making a city..

    It's time to re-think a few of the themes I run. Tree controller, terrain mod,  and so forth. If I am going to get anything done it's time to run a clean slate.

    1. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      I'm ready and willing to assist!

    2. airman15


      I want to build a region with big cities and farm fields, a sizable airport, suburbs, a high speed rail network, highways, mountains all with a Northern California/San Joaquin style.

      My tree controller works for high mountain areas but not so much in low-level lands so I am thinking of giving the Cascadia TC a chance and finding a beach & terrain mod that gets rid of my current grey sand/green grass combo.

      I also notice streets around farmlands no longer like to turn green next to an AG zone so that will be something else.

      Those are just the functional aspects I hope will bring in new ideas. The other thing is that I'm out of ideas on how to proceed with new projects. Looks like it's time to start trawling the Show Us Your.. threads again.

      But i'd really appreciate any suggestions and pointers! Your cities are all masterpieces; are you sure you're not Bob Ross reincarnated?