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    I'm up for discussing a lot of topics. Several of my core interests include aircraft types, both civil and military. I like other vehicles such as cars, ships and trains. In my spare time, I watch a lot of animated shows or listen to music.
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  1. It's so disappointing to wake up only to find that my files have been downgraded to a four star status..

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    2. airman15


      I really appreciate all of the support from you guys! I can't tell you how much it kills me when I put in a few weeks worth of effort into a single model only to have it get downgraded as soon as it goes on the STEX..

    3. JP Schriefer

      JP Schriefer

      4 stars is not bad, is it? But I'll rate 5 too, your plugins are really 5 stars :)

    4. SimRico