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    I'm up for discussing a lot of topics. Several of my core interests include aircraft types, both civil and military. I like other vehicles such as cars, ships and trains. In my spare time, I watch a lot of animated shows or listen to music.
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  1. My city decided to replace the intersection of my street and the main road with a traffic circle. I'm so happy the're finally doing this because it was almost impossible to get out before!

    1. darkaliendude


      The point where I get confused on whether someone means SimCity or real life is the point where I've played too much SimCity.

    2. Kuewr665


      I pretty much though the same thing.

    3. airman15


      This is in the real world, in the city I live in. This is what the intersection was like before:


      The problem with this particular intersection was the main traffic had the right of way but since this is just off the interstate, there was a constant flow of cars in both directions without any breaks. You would either have to rush out just to get on the road or wait a while for a chance to proceed. Now that its being...