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  1. Sacramento is jumping on the streetcar as well. It will be for a portion downtown between the capitol building and across the river to the baseball stadium in West Sacramento. Eventually they want to extend it into a new district north of the Valley Station where they are developing over the old UP railyards.

    However, the main issues with Sacramento's transit have more to do with existing transit not servicing the areas they should be. Talks have been in progress regarding the northern Green Line for light rail to connect with the airport. This was discussed during the time they were replacing Terminal B in 2010 and it still hasn't gone there. It only goes up a few blocks from downtown to where the railyards are and only a few years after it was opened they were about to shut it down because the ridership isn't as promised. Had they just built the line out to the airport directly since the land in between is empty, at least you'd have some use from people not wanting to pay for airfield parking.  Then as the city spreads, the line could just have stops added along the way. Even Los Angeles is working on such a connection and San Francisco has had one for several years through the BART and Caltrain, which is being upgraded to an electric line too. But even San Francisco is having connective problems. They demolished the old Transbay Terminal (bus only) to build a new one over it (now with an underground train box and psuedo-subway extension). They are expecting Caltrain and CaHSR to reach it but the underground tunnel for them hasn't even been funded yet.

    As for further out areas, most have other transit options but those aren't frequent. Roseville is building another set of tracks and will be seeing more frequent trains. But then it's only one stop of three going east of Sacramento. There are still a lot of commuters from Auburn and Rocklin that have to drive. Amtrak does have busses going from those other stations but you can't take it unless you ride the train too. By extending the line as Sac>Reno two birds can be killed with one stone as now you have ridership by tourists wanting to get to Reno and the cities between now able to reach either without a bus. There was a serious effort to make it happen but Union Pacific said no as that part of the line is mostly single-tracked with several tunnels and it's their line anyway.