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  1. Tramway Map

    For a transit map, i'd suggest following line maps like they have in large cities such as Los Angeles. A white background would immediately make it easier to read, and as stated by someone else really can benefit from consistent lining of text. The font is okay, but should be bold. Following the lines vs points of interest, i'd suggest direct connections to all of your tourism points. And for the purposes of keeping it interesting, if you have more lines you're planning to build or extra connections available then the map can be spruced up a bit by showing those lines, as a dashed one with all of the stops on those lines.

    And if you feel like going the extra mile, you could give a rough estimate for timetables and the types of trains used if you happen to know the type you're using. That, or try to include information about the line itself or how the company operates; Amtrak includes that extra padding on their timetables. An example such as this one should help, but you don't have to emulate every drop of ink on it.

    Not bad for a rough draft, just massage it a bit with these tips and you'll go far.

  2. South Pacific

    Brilliance, as with every single one of your works! This is the best series I have seen in a long time!

    I've never seen those Moai heads in SimCity 4 before! Are they available for download anywhere?


    Thanks for the kind words, you can grab them here - I had to do some relotting though. The stone platform (the Ahu) also had to be done separately as well through some MMP work.


  3. 1 hour ago, Dreadnought said:

    Thank you, sir!

    The Ems-Jade Ship Canal does have some (Google) pictures showing smaller cruise vessels in real life -- and, of course, the Kiel Canal was big enough for Battleships! 

    I didn't measure mine for battleships or carriers, but no Naval Officer worth his salt would put a Ballistic Missile Submarine, a Carrier, or even an active duty Battleship in a canal these days.

    Ah, that makes sense. And I understand the bit about military vessels and small passages. I have a bay city with a narrow spot between the main land and a small island connected by a few small ferries. And then a visiting Nimitz class thought it would be a good idea to use that passage as a shortcut rather than go around. It caused a few headaches with the port authority, to put it lightly.