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  1. Airman's Hangar

    Welcome to my project thread! I have finally decided to open my own thread for projects instead of posting to the Show Us What You're Working On thread, as suggested by Compdude787 and others. This is where I will be posting all of my current projects that will eventually make their way into SimCity 4 and possibly the Simtropolis Exchange as well. So far, my current projects include: -A set of SCAG-style Boeing 707 props. There will be more than 10 different liveries total. In the future, I would like to get a start on: -A set of Boeing Sonic Cruisers, similar to the 707 -A set of Isuzu Street Sweepers, the idea was originally suggested by Johnfreddy. And what would a BAT thread be without some pictures? Here are some previews of the 707, which is a -320 model and is in the process of being converted to a Gmax model. There will be more to come. In the meantime, i'd be happy to answer some questions regarding the projects listed.
  2. Airman's Hangar

    Moving onto another project- this time it's a replacement. Once again, it's an American auto brand and a subject for debate on where US makers stand in the standard luxury segment. If you ask me, Cadillac is on a path to reclaiming a seat at the table Mercedes, Audi and Infiniti all sit. But I digress about this specific model. The type of buyers it always had, where they end up five years later, the platform they're based on, it's hard to really put this in the category of what we know as luxury. It feels dubious to even put it on the level of old Cadillac. That's why I've picked the new Escalade as a stand-in for the Mayor Limo!
  3. I plead no contest! I mean, the fifth!
  4. Isuzu Street Sweepers

    No replacements, these are additional vehicles.
  5. Isuzu Street Sweepers



    In order to run a solid, efficient city, there are certain maintenance procedures that have to take place. You'll need road crews, power and water inspection, as well as an efficient sanitation system. But there seems to be yet another thing missing from SimCity. How do the streets stay so clean every year? It can't be the work of Sims just brushing the streets with a broom, we all know the Environmental Adviser is a liar. These Isuzu derived street sweepers will be at the forefront of your sanitation department clearing leaves and dust from your roadways and making your cities cleaner! About the Upload- These are a set of new instance street sweepers that will appear on your road networks (obviously). There are four trucks each with their own color and there are two versions included for either HD or SD render settings. Be sure to check your render settings before using them. Dependencies? None Required. This file was suggested by Johnfreddy and has been made available on the Exchange!
  6. I'm so old that ...

    I'm so old, I still believe the last best gaming systems were of the likes of the PS2, Original Xbox, PSP, and N64.
  7. Fly-in Residential Neighborhoods

    @CorinaMarie- Saved and saved!
  8. Airman's Hangar

    That's interesting, it was an entire wrap for a body color? That gives me an idea to stop others from dinging up Carol's doors again. I'd love to take her in to the body shop, but it would have to wait until I take her in for an inspection, get a new radio, battery, tires, and windshield repair first. Just a small update to an older file- if you remember the New Routemaster made a few years ago, the bus was designed for LHD cities but I never included one for RHD. Until now. You can get them here; they'll be the file labelled "RHD".
  9. Fly-in Residential Neighborhoods

    @CorinaMarie- That's a great idea! If only there were a matching curve piece then it'd be perfect! I was actually referencing the bits where the taxiways join the runway. The only exit from the runway requires the 2x tile taxiways. Otherwise, I can see your 'T' design working well for a rural or private airfield. Btw- that 'Private' marking is a thing of beauty! Definitely a must-download with the rest of the airport sets I use. @APSMS- Every time I tried the DAMN, it never worked. I could build up a menu but the in-game directories don't show anything. Is it a problem that has to do with OS? I've still got Windows 7 and I haven't changed the game in any way other than install a pallet worth of mods.
  10. There is one other set i'm aware of that fits the bill for cars of that vintage, but I recall them being on SimCity.cn. I did a Model T-based truck for an older file with steamboats but none as a standalone file. Most cars I focus on are more late-50's to modern day. Though I had an idea for a 1948 rarity but my current backlog goes on forever.
  11. Buffalo Bill's Resort & Casino. Located near the NV/CA border in the town of Primm. It has it's own roller coaster and log ride. Primm is also one of those 'cities' which has a map marking but the only residential sector is more like a cluster of apartments. Large casinos are not allowed in my home state unless it were built on reserved land, so there are lots of these settlements built on the very edges of Nevada's side since their laws still apply. They waste no time to get you gambling as soon as you enter the state; i'll let the map speak for itself. Buffalo Bill's is at the northeast of this view.
  12. 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

    Version 1.0.0


    In this modern world, it has become commonplace for the public at large to own a car and drive to where they need to be. In some regions it's a way of life. Look around at the dealers or in the classifieds; cars are not much more than appliances with rubber tires. They all look and drive the same. And it really doesn't matter if it were sourced from abroad or made at the local factory. They will all leak oil and fall apart as soon as you step off the sales floor. The pages of history wish to discount that, and they say once upon a time cars had character! A set of whitewalls and a lot of chrome were all you needed! The Chevrolet Bel Air is the choice of the modern driver! You will be flying high with it's aerodynamic fins and futuristic curved windshield! They may not be smog or collision friendly like today's cars, but you can still be king of the roadside diner in one! About the Upload- There are nine vehicles contained in this zip folder. Each one is a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air. These are Mid-Wealth vehicles, given their status as a classic collector. They will appear on your road networks. Dependencies? None required.
  13. Airman's Hangar

    @Thin White Duke- Or bright orange, or hot pink, or deep velvet? So many colors to choose from, and all wasted opportunities. People actually bought teal cars 20 years ago; it can be done again. Get out your switchblade combs, your poodle skirts, your spats, and make your way to the malt shop! It's 1957 again and now the Bel Air is ready to glide along your city streets! All cars come with a unit of pomade and your choice of 'B' movie!
  14. Fly-in Residential Neighborhoods

    @CorinaMarie- Hmm that's not quite the one I was thinking of. It is the same idea which reduces the the footprints of the maxis airports to 2x2, 3x3, and iirc 3x4. These are the crucial bits as they still function like the maxis airports with the same stats and the same job offerings. You're off to a promising start! The runway looks long enough to where it can support Grand Caravans or twin engine planes! Being that these airfields are more of a part of the suburbs there are lots of additional items that can be forgone. Items like a VOR checkpoint or ILS towers are added items if you're intending to build fields that support airliners. In General Aviation, you can get away without using them as pilots can opt for Visual Flight Rules which is most always the case I see in fly-ins. This also means you don't have to add lights on and around the runway. After a bit of reworking, I wanted to see if it were possible to slim down the taxiways to a more 'realistic' size. The method was surprisingly simple and it allowed for an extra space for housing and a new hangar on each row! This is good as it helps to offset the expenses the remaining runway tiles. These shots were again taken the other night, but Verizon seems to have it out for me. There is one oddity where the taxiway markings imply pilots can only turn on or away from the runway since there isn't really a 'T' intersection to speak of for this arrangement. From a distance it isn't noticeable. And because not everyone is certified to work on their own planes, there is now a 'public' section with a maintenance wing and hangar space for rent. Offices in the narrow hangar, fuel provided on site.
  15. I'm so old that ...

    I'm so old I get an obsessive urge to fix a spiral cord that got untwisted in places.
  16. Airman's Hangar

    @Hotwheeler- Now that you've mentioned the Fiat, I remember one in Rocklin that was just as you've described! Same color too! The 500 series is the best Fiat in a long time because it executes the retro look flawlessly. US attempts are rather hit and miss. The new Mustangs and Challengers are examples where it works.. and the Chevrolet HHR and Ford Thunderbird could've been better. Sometimes i'll watch an episode of MST3K and in between the commentary, i'm always trying to spot as many vintage autos in the background as I could! @T Wrecks- That is a really strong point. The Dodge Daytona and Plymouth Superbird were among the fastest on paper when each were rolled out but everyone thought they looked ridiculous with the wing and nose. So much that a few dealers took it upon themselves to remove those elements and convert them into base models just to get them sold. And that makes sense that the way a car is shaped can affect how it looks in a specific color. If new Toyotas, Lexus didn't have those horrid grille arrangements I bet they could pull off the greens and golds their model lines used to have. It's like are makers trying to give all of their offerings an aggressive look? It's probably why the new beetle can do any color well versus the new Toyota which I don't think really compliments it's shape. Moreover, it feels like the same five shades of grey every car has are the next worst thing to happen since.. Fifty Shades of Grey.. @raynev1- You're welcome, and thank you! I sort of have a soft spot for seeing these around! And i'm glad it were posted on a special day! It's not often that I can celebrate with my significant other. Not that I could find one anyway! Hahahaha! Oh... If you're hearing the distant rhythm of a Chuck Berry song in the distance, it isn't just you. The Bel Airs are coming soon!
  17. Fly-in Residential Neighborhoods

    Absolutely! These were taken the night before, but Verizon strikes again and my internet went from 4G to 3G to dead. A little bit of an overview with this arrangement is it goes threshold>runway number>4x2 w/ beginning skidmarks>landing target zone. Beyond that would be plain runway sections with some occasional taxiway exits. It's a simplified marking arrangement as these are rather short. Those lights off to the side are glideslope lights, though I realize the ones for 18 are on the wrong side.
  18. Fly-in Residential Neighborhoods

    @Jackspital- Using these sets, I never have to acknowledge the Maxis airfields again! Granted, this means that Area 5.1 and the DLC Air Base must be relotted to match, but it's a small price to pay for overall realism. I never even use the old cruise ship port because there is the Pegasus waterfront lots and a terminal was made to fit with it. @DavidDHetzel- I agree the taxiways seem a bit big for the surroundings, and should be slimmed down. I don't think there's really an issue with the runway itself as when I go back to Cameron Park as my example it seems to fit being a standard runway in the real world. The only exception I can think of is the Jumbolair in Florida because that's where Mr. Travolta lives and the runway needed to support an airliner. Still, it wouldn't be a bad idea at all to create a set of 'dirt' runways. That may even be a boon to rural settings as those types of runways can be found at crop dusting hubs! @CorinaMarie- That is a fantastic first attempt! And you're right it does take a learning curve and an extra serving of patience. I can't tell how many airports I abandoned or scrapped because the layout wasn't right or I bit off more than can be chewed. Also, Thinning out unnecessary lots can be helpful for keeping menus simple, often if I run into lots where I just don't use or need them I move them into a repository on an external drive. In case I ever want to use them at a later time. @Cyclone Boom- Thank you! I was surprised by the initial results. Since there aren't any taxiways which act like road connections, it may not be possible yet to introduce flight at the level of "kids, get in the plane or you'll be late for school". But I would prefer this method instead. Propellers spinning at several thousand rpm would not be good news in one of those community fender benders that always happen. Funny that I have all the RMIP sets, except for that MML. Yes, I am a bit of a masochist when there's an airport under construction that way. If it's like any other other MML's I have from the Japanese SC4 sites all lots will be hidden unless those MML lots are built. Then after the project is complete the MML gets demolished and the remaining lots are hidden again.
  19. Fly-in Residential Neighborhoods

    @Jackspital- Using these packs will change everything! It can be a time-consuming process and airports may need a whole tile dedicated it their layout but it's well worth it. Fun point; the Maxis airports are way underscaled versus how long runways actually get! The International airport has the longest runways in-game at 31 tiles long. Since tiles are roughly 16m sq. that translates to 496m. The shortest paved runway at Juancho E. Yrausquin airfield is 400m. Maxis may have passed the shortest, but it's still far shorter the likes of San Francsico (2,232m), Heathrow (3,660m), or Tokyo Narita (2,500m)! And those aren't the longest runways for each.
  20. Fly-in Residential Neighborhoods

    @Jackspital- Thank you! I agree; it's insane how expensive housing can be in a given location. There was a news story from San Francisco several months ago where housing is so high in town even a charred ruin still went on the market for $800k. The runways and hangars are part of the RMIP series. There are four main components in the series which include the landing strip, the taxiways, several buildings and support structures. The runway lengths can be custom tailored to about any length and taxiways can be laid about in any configuration too! And the cherry on top is they can be landed on when flying the in-game aircraft! RMIP Vol 1 RMIP Vol 2 RMIP Vol 3 RMIP Vol 4
  21. Fly-in Residential Neighborhoods

    @Jackspital- These types of communities are rare, it seems there are only a handful in each state and they are as exclusive as they get. Yet somehow it's not unusual to have these exclusive neighborhoods with perks. One co-worker was telling me of a place in Truckee this week (also in my home state), there is a neighborhood located in that town which includes it's own private ski resort. The homes within are offered at no less than $1m dollars and that's for undeveloped land. I jokingly asked if it's a prerequisite to already own a house prior to purchase and he said it's not uncommon the Truckee homes end up as people's winter retreats.. I know, it's mad.. And i'm hoping to be lucky enough one day to land a studio flat close to work for under $1000 USD. I took the time tonight to see if developing a Fly-in community was possible in SC4.. And after a short experiment I can report it is! To an extent. Results below; from a zoomed out perspective, it looks just as if it's like any other small airfield until one gets closer and examines where the taxiways lead. My experience so far with this test is it may depend on the type of residential lots you happen to have installed. Some of the houses can form a lot which can imply there is space behind it to include a hangar and make the overall illusion work. Several development cycles and the use of making buildings historic can help with matters. As you can see, several lots which developed the soonest were of low-wealth lots spawned closer to the hangars. It's like the residents tell their wife "Sorry dear, we may have to pawn our hierlooms but I got a great deal on the new Skyhawk! All we need is the gas!" Otherwise, it's a good way to include an airfield without having to undergo a traditional airport build out where you'd have to include such facilities like guard posts, terminals, gates, fuel depots and so forth. Even so, a 'public' space can just as easily be dedicated to another part of the airfield if one so chooses. That nose sticking through the door is an example of how (in this case my own) additional tweaks can play against the project if realism is the target. The Mayor's mansion can blend in nicely as sometimes mayors need to make trips to the capitol and beyond. Other takeaways- -The minimum spacing required between taxiway exits are at least 5 tiles, as shown in photos. This accounts for taxiway, hangar, a 1x1 housing space, and street connection. -For a small development like mine, I ran at least $300k simoleans. It includes not only the construction of the lots; it involved some mild leveling of the terrain. Keep in mind this can be a pricey venture in the long run if you're playing without unlimited funding. All the runway sets were burning more in expenses than taking in. Unless more taxiways can be devised and more hangars installed to counteract the deficit, you may be running a subsidy from elsewhere. I had to be careful with my words around the locals on this project as they were about ready to depose me for this decision.. -If you happen to have a My Sim placed nearby, they will still complain about noise. -It's an excellent method to circumvent an airport demand cap relief if spacing is limited. There is a set of lots available on the Exchange which condenses the Maxis airfields to a handful of hangars and towers; but I can't seem to locate the link to it at this time. I make the disclaimer this is only an experiment which was developed within a short time-frame. Other results may vary depending on what types of mods are run, and I didn't provide the conditions for a high-wealth setting. But I digress as I feel I got some really good results overall. I believe there is a lot of potential to create fly-ins for SimCity 4!
  22. Fly-in Residential Neighborhoods

    With an idea in mind, it would be similar to another experiment with farm fields. Instead of lining the edges with canals, fences, or the usual agriculture sidings it was with houses. That effect made for some spectacular community gardens, albeit a bit huge with the random AG building spoiling the housing rows.I'm sure with a bit of careful planning, a Fly-in can be pulled off in a similar style to Dayton Air Park.
  23. Fly-in Residential Neighborhoods

    There is a community like this just downwind from were I am! In Cameron Park, it's just as described, and it has some tie downs included for public landings! Of course in order to live here, you'd be looking at homes being more than $600k. I hear there are airshows that happen sometimes, and as far as i'm aware the only planes that land here are single, maybe twin engine light aircraft. You couldn't exactly take jets to there, especially not even if you're John Travolta. Sadly, I haven't tried one of these yet. My focus is on midsized regional airfields not unlike Burbank. But it does raise a challenge, I can get on a test next time I fire up SC4. One can be conjured up using the RMIP SAE asphalt tiles. Since most of my residential downloads are by SimCoug, the best way to go about it would be to add the T-hangars included with the RMIP behind those houses. As it happens, I have a smaller region in a valley that can use a GA field.
  24. File descriptors when uploading

    You mean to say I no longer have to just throw my automata into the 'misc' category?? Welp, looks like I have a lot of reorganizing to do.
  25. Airman's Hangar

    @Jasoncw- If it weren't for Detroit, we wouldn't have so many cars to be prejudiced about! @Hotwheeler- Thank you! The Bel Air is still one of the most popular choices for V8 power stateside. A lot are kept to a mint condition and one one had made a top Best in Show at one of Sacramento's biggest annual car shows one year. Some are converted over to a Gasser status where they install a much bigger engine, reduce unnecessary weight and tune the car for a 1/4 mi~ er.. 400m dash on normal fuel! @Urban Constanta- There can't be too many vintage cars in SimCity! @BossDragon- They made so many variants of the Corvette it's staggering! At one car show that happened back in Rocklin they had one next to a Grand Sport and I think there was a Twilight blue there? I remember one having red and blue stripes on the front fenders. Ever notice how not only most new cars all look the same, but many have the same, boorish selection of greys, silvers, burgundys, and so forth? Colors are meant to add character to a car. In the 50's, pastel colors were all you needed. There was a time when a maker built a Lilac car and it sold. Mint green? In the Joneses driveway! Robin's egg? Of course! Why can't there be more of this? Just like why can't there be more new cars that look good with whitewalls? Maybe the new Challenger could pull off a set of thin redwalls but that's another story. In the meantime, the Bel Air will come with nine unmistakable factory color schemes!