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  1. Guess the city game

  2. The Simtropolis Closet Thread - deux!

    If you guys weren't aware, my girlfriend and I broke up. Well we didn't break up because I was moving. I told her I was gay and that I wasn't really attracted to her. I had started thinking about my sexuality after some things went on, so yeah. Also, I finally learnt what the Closet thread was for!
  3. Sweet, a new status update hahaha! Finally have finished moving.

  4. Hello there! I can't seem to send some private messages and noticed you added me as a friend. I haven't come on in forever and am looking forward to speaking with you!

    With regards,


  5. Finally singed back in!

    1. Vlasky


      welcome back!

    2. BIWDC


      singed in I think you ment signed in unless you were singing while you were signing in : )

    3. Wakita_OK_Boy


      That's of course what I meant! Duh :P

  6. My parents currently are driving a 2010 Ford Fusion. This car we got "Free of Charge" after our other car was totaled in a car accident. Our insurance paid for a new car. And we just got a new 2010 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer, and this includes a lot of different things, and so when we traded in our BMW 5-Series (It was a newer Wagon) it took 30,000 off the price of the truck, so we got a pretty good deal on it. ( We had to trade it in because it couldn't pull much of anything without having an issue with slipping). It was nice, but this will do better here in Oklahoma, better climate for this truck.
  7. Big storms today! So excited!

  8. Change a Letter Game v2

  9. Opinion Needed

    Hi guys! So the Royal Wedding was today, and I think that the Pageboys outfits were adorable! I want to know whether or not I should get an outfit made that is nearly identical to the Pageboys. Should I get it, and how much do you think it would cost?
  10. A - Z Cities Game

    Deer Creek, Oklahoma
  11. The Username Above Me

    You were born 0n September 9th, 1988? lol 8/10!
  12. The Moose Factory - Virtual Bar and Grill - Version 3

    CHALHA! That is amazing, my mom makes tons of Chalha, especially now!
  13. A-Z Cars

    Toyota Tacoma
  14. Desktop.. Everyone has one of these!

    A default desktop. Going to dress it up? For now, no. I just replaced my old computer, and I like that desktop. It's pretty!
  15. Desktop.. Everyone has one of these!

    A default desktop. Going to dress it up? For now, no. I just replaced my old computer, and I like that desktop. It's pretty!
  16. Desktop.. Everyone has one of these!

    My new computer! http://img809.imageshack.us/i/backgroundqi.jpg/
  17. So after finally being able to get back on! I've noticed the huge changes! It'll take some getting used to!

    1. TowerDude


      yep, new site version ;)

    2. Wakita_OK_Boy


      Is it totally different?

  18. The Leaving / Returning Thread

    I have finally returned!
  19. Who Want's to Rule the World?

    In this game, the goal is to conquer the entire world. I have posted the rules of engagement and play below. Also, if you break these rules, your nation COULD be eliminated based upon a review conducted by the moderator. Please read below... RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: 1. You must have at least one territory at all times, if your nation is conquered, you can only be brought back if your original nation is taken back. 2. To conquer a territory you must know that nations smaller than 1000 Sq Miles are conquered in one turn. Nations larger than that are conquered based upon a formula made by me. 3. NO EXPLORATION OF SPACE ALLOWED 4. Alliances, Defensive Pacts and Non-Aggression Pacts are allowed. 5. Larger nations in the beginning of the game (USA, Russia, China, Australia, Canada, China and Brazil) MUST begin with a small territory, not to exceed more than 10% of the total land area of said nation, you may expand your nation afterwards following the formula. 6. Please keep this game realistic. To start the game please follow the format below: Who Want's to Rule the World Nation Claim: Nation: (Put the nation you claim HERE) Type of Government: (What type of Government is your nation) Name of Leader: (Your username or other, MUST BE APPROPRIATE) Thank you and enjoy! Who Want's to Rule the World Nation Claim: Nation: United Kingdom Type of Government: Monarchy Name of Leader: King Julian A map of the world is coming soon!
  20. Malls in Your City!!!

    We don't have a mall here. But I think that malls are stupid, I like to shop locally, you get to meet some really nice people.
  21. Official Mapping Community Requests - Take Two

    Are you able to do a 12 km by 12 km map of the Nice France, slightly moved south (2 KM) to include all of the airport. Thank you, please view the link. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Nice,+France&sll=43.694439,7.265053&sspn=0.124861,0.210457&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Nice,+Maritime+Alps,+Provence-Alpes-C%C3%B4te+d'Azur,+France&ll=43.685005,7.268829&spn=0.124881,0.210457&t=h&z=12
  22. A-Z Cars

    Chevrolet Suburban
  23. Change a Letter Game v2