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  1. R-

    Big mansions can't grow on small zones like that. You unfortunately have to use larger zones.
  2. 3 Word Story

    the first day
  3. Before I begin, WinXP SP3 w/ Latest updates at 2.85 GB swap Intel I4 2.25 GHZ 0.99 RAM, 1.96 GB Virtual memory, 64 MB Video memory with Intel Extreme 2 for Mobile. Gateway 400VTX model. Usually before I start the game I close everything. Unfortunately, it isn't just a kill everything except system and explorer. I use that ObjectDock program with a huge high-graphics desktop from the internet, 32 Bit color quality, with the Visual effects under the Control Panel>>System>>Advanced area set to Best Performance. I get CTDs often, it is because my disk's contents become fragmented throughout the day. I defrag daily as well as use the Disk Cleanup utility. I even went as far as to write up two Batch Files that will automatically clean out my TEMP and Prefetch Folder. Now I found out how to write a batch file that can stop and start services on a website. I'm researching all services that are on the Services List I have under the Computer Management Console. Some I wish to be able to kill before I launch the game include networking, print spooler, net runtime optimization, computer browser, fast user switching compatibility, telenet, and workstation. There may be others, that is why I am researching these and others. Net rumtime, I don't know about stopping that yet. Net runtime is part of Net Framework, which is needed to run Stardock, which basically ads a second taskbar, except it is more graphical and uses up a small amount of ram in the process. Of course I could close that dock before I begin playing that game, and reopen it after I exit the game. I may do that yet, I may also look into making a batch file to end certain processes which I find unnecessary, such as the one to update Java, Synaptics, and others. As far as it behaves, everything remains normal as far as Windows goes, but my CPU fan kicks in and doesn't want to slow down or stop until I exit that game. And from what it looks like in Task Manager, the page file is active, hitting about 500 MB. Usually according to Task Manager the usage stays down at 120-200. Was also examining the memory usage. It climbed to 600,000 while a city was loading. Usually while the game is loading it jumps to 150,000 at highest. I don't know about while a city is being used as I haven't checked then. I run in Windowed mode, so if I need quick access to the rest of the computer, I have it. But usually folder browsing is very slow, and the graphics sometimes even look chunky. As far as running this game on a dual core though, I had more frequent CTDs, which I got around easily with frequent saves, and updating the game (to build 640)
  4. Realism?

    Try placing parks, plazas and occasionally schools. This always helps for me. And where I live, CBDs have small green parks.
  5. Green Car with a cross?

    The no transportation zots usually go away after a few months or so, after they can realize that work is down the street or are you even providing jobs? If not, that zot also means they can't find a job.
  6. Show us Your Oddities!

    Ha ha I've done that before. I have some more to show. I think some of these I've posted before, but their still pretty funny. [Oversized image resized. Maximum image size is 800x600. -Porter]
  7. Realism?

    Originally posted by: SoujiroElric Looks good! Why are the other cities that apart?quote> Construction on the southern and eastern ends of the city have just begun. However the town to the southeast was there ever since I started this region, but I was just a tiny rural town at the time. It has lately grown into the figure it is in today. How are your's coming along?
  8. Realism?

    Here is a demonstration of my latest city, it is a fantasy city in BC, Canada called Gulf Springs. In Real Life this area is probably uninhabited. The reason why the water suddenly stops at the dip to the left is because I used the Setsealevel "0" cheat to remove the water from the landscape in order to install seawalls. Otherwise, the water would have been tucked up right against the CBD to the northwest. I labeled some significant areas. Every area in bold explains it's working role in the region. I intend on filling in all the empty spaces in the pic. This will take a while. This pic demonstrates 4 large city tiles, btw. Edit: I edited my pic to demonstrate more areas.
  9. Realism?

    First of all, try adding apartments at 15,000 instead of 30,000. That may help. However I rarely zone med density until 30,000. Industry comes in at a low population of 5,000. If you allready have a seaport, just skip that part, for added realism. Commerce, as far as med density goes, wait till a good 15,000 residents.. However I still go for 30,000, because I just don't seem to like medium density that much. As for high density, residental high density will start doing good at 60,000-70,000 residents. The game lets you develop high stage residental at 26,000, but most of the time it fails. High density commercial can come in at a very high commercial population rate. Try getting your commerical office population to about 50,000 to 60,000 before attempting highrises. Mass transit can be established when traffic starts getting very heavy (sometimes uncontrollable) in certain areas. Start with bus stops. Then go to rail, elevated rail/monorail, then subways for the extremely dense areas. Also, I wish you luck with your cities. This has been quite the adventure into realism.
  10. No controller gaming.

    Originally posted by: A Nonny Moose If I want aerobic exercise, I can go for a walk. Younger people can actually go for a run. Being out of doors is good for you. quote> That and I don't think bouncing around like a wild hooligan is the best way to get aerobic exercise. Usually if I'm outside, I usually ride my bike all over the neighborhood or at least up and down the street.
  11. Realism?

    I noticed on the pic of your city you had a big bulky high school in there. I recommend adding a high school later into the game, like at 10,000 residents. As for elementary, I add them once I hit 1,000 or so.
  12. Realism?

    Well, if you have a port you may want to keep the industry, just so you aren't wasting money of hauling produce and dirt (from the giant patches of dirt they call farms). I don't worry if something is high in demand. For the sake of realism, I wait to put it in until X time or X population or whatever.