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  1. Here's the first DXDiag panel: No problems arose from the diagnostics. I've edited all my previous posts to display JPG images instead of PNGs. I apologise for the assault on your bandwidth! As for Terranova, I like the variety it presents. I've yet to play it as I have several regions going on at once, but I like its smooth, rolling elevations and coastal opportunities. How does the in-game renderer work, specifically? Because I can only think that the renderer is somehow rendering some pixellation in the heightmap, or the renderer is averaging out terrain levels at city borders on a city-by-city basis. If one city is rendered with a pit along one border, would the renderer then use that data to render the other side of the pit in a neighbouring region? I'm thinking the latter, because the pitting is located in different places depending on the config.bmp.
  2. Sometimes I have nothing running in the background, sometimes I have my internet browser, but I never Alt-Tab out or do anything while regions render, unless the region is particularly large and makes me think it's locked up or uses too much RAM. I try to stay away from large regions as a rule, anyway. It would appear that the Terranova region rendered fine for me. My screenshot is virtually identical to that provided by the author in the STEX entry with no anomalies: How detailed would you like the description of my system?
  3. I rendered the Florida Beach region with an altered config.bmp and the problem was magnified: It would appear that the in-game renderer is, for some reason, having issues with the terrain maps. Could it be something to do with the fact that the terrain maps are in JPG format? I've not tried rendering from any other file format before. Is that possible?
  4. I'm using the in-game renderer. I shall have to try rendering with different boundaries when I'm next at my computer. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll return with my results.
  5. Evening, all. I'm curious to know whether this bug has been experienced by any other users and whether there is a solution. I have attempted to render several custom regions. When completed, I encounter this issue, circled in red: It may be worth noting also that land edges are also of low quality. As far as I can determine, this has happened only with regions downloaded to this computer from the STEX. Regions downloaded and rendered prior to reformatting my hard drive, and copied to this installation of SimCity 4 show no such anomalies. Might it possibly have something to do with the low quality of grayscale JPGs used to render the regions in-game, or perhaps some kind of compression occurred when the grayscale JPGs were downloaded thus reducing the image quality? I'd much appreciate your thoughts on this. Mod Edit: This topic is too old to bump, so I'm adding this for anyone who runs across this thread while researching a similar problem. I've explained the cause in this post. -Cori (Staff Moderator)