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  1. My plans

    After having dropped off the earth for a long time, over the last week or so I'm getting interested in playing SimCity 4 again. I don't think I'll continue this journal, but right now I'm in the planning stages of a new mega-region that I'll build from scratch. Tune in in a few months when I hope I'll have enough done to start a new journal.
  2. The United Cities*4th Birthday and Retirement!*

    Very nice, I like the use of the NWM and the slip lanes. I still haven't quite figured out how to use the slip lanes without a texture abomination.
  3. Change a Letter Game v2

  4. SimCity A-Z

    N is for no water zots
  5. A-Z artist/band game

  6. The 10,000 Post Thread v2

    4548 But what about the percentage that don't read the news?
  7. World Expo 2011 pt6 (Opening Ceremony)

    Pretty fireworks!
  8. Show us your Bridges

  9. Berate one image

    What is this MAXISVILLE! Seriously, get some custon content! and WHAT IS WITH THE REPETITION!!! :angry: :angry: -1,000,00,000,000,000,000,000,000/-10
  10. Minecraft

    I have made a lava trap, two kinds of piston doors, and a retractable bridge. I'm thinking about selling the designs of these gadgets on multiplayer.
  11. A-Z artist/band game

  12. SimCity A-Z

    J is for Japanese BAT websites
  13. Birds Eye View of Cap City

    I can't see it either.
  14. SimCity A-Z

    H is for hospitals