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  1. Looking for some help

    burj khalifah: Height 825m total floor space 517240 m² floors 163 Heights Value Source / Comments Spire 828.0 m Official website Top floor 638.0 m Otis Elevator company Concrete structure 601.0 m Putzmeister/ Wikipedia (German) Highest occupied floor 584.0 m CTBUH Highest occupied floor is at 584m (excluding technical space) this tower if it were real Height 873m floors 175 total floor space estimate (total floor space - 14% for elevators/stairwells) 724153 m² highest occupied floor 870 m Top floor 870 m making this tower a full 289 m taller according to occupied floor space making this tower almost 1.5 burj Khalifa switching too 3ds max... could use some pointers on how to "transfer this project into it" and how to make it lifelike
  2. Looking for some help

    its based loosely on the burj dubai (kiafah) but its bigger
  3. Looking for some help

    posted a link to the pic screenshot in gmax
  4. Looking for some help

    oh just noticed you guys do real reproductions of real buildings .... if you could transfer this thread to the correct forum / build team would be great ( or if one of you still want to "tackle" it then be my guest and feel free to "completely" redo the building.) btw its missing a lobby so any ideas on that would be wonderful i did play with a larger inverted arc lobby but it didnt fit the building and was removed and the building lowered back to ground level
  5. Looking for someone to "Finish" what i started... i have a bat that is 3/4ths the way done but i really dont understand enough about how to make a bat look amazing in game.... and I cant get it to extract i know its a huge building i have broken it down into 30 story tall sections and tried to extrude it then peice it back together in lot editor but even then the last 2-3 sections get the dreaded error (not enough ram though i have 4 gig and a 16 gig memory stick). here is a rar version of the bat for easy downloading.... http://www.mediafire.com/?045862dbnc02s1b and a pick of it www.mediafire.com/i/ its only 2/3 of the way done in this but even then its too big. the finished version of this was supposed to be another layer up finishing with the last section being 9 high. the "roof" would be big enough for a heli pad. the building should fit in a 9x9 lot (its very tight) or bigger so unfortunatly its a ploppable only (unless i missed something and the game will grow things bigger than 8x8) Final building height should be around 870 meters (170 ish floors) would love to see this building finished in darknight format. when building it i use a standard wall with window cutouts then extruded the wall to a thickness of .5meters converted it to mesh then moved the points to make it bend to the shape i needed. put windows in the holes then grouped that and basicly copied it alot rotated it to make both sides of the "petal" this seems to be the only bat file i have left that isnt corrupted so it may have alot (and i do mean alot) of unneeded arcs inside the building. if it has roofs on each of the floors i just connected 2 arcs i was using as templates and extruded them to make a .5 meter thick roof and moved it up. not alot of "clading" just used a basic metalic material in gmax and applied it to the exterior. once again seeing what you guys have done with your buildings I really envy your skills. Thanks again