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  1. Suburb of the Day: Northeastern City, Missouri

    i love the second at last pictures:)
  2. Technical Problems

    I downlaoded the map, i was GOING to use, but wen i started to build it up, it keeps crashing every 2 minutes and it doesnt save. So im just going to build it on the default map. The one with allthe tutorials, I will delete the tutorials as well tho. NEXT POST SHOULD BE BY SATURDAY...
  3. Interactive CJ

    With the great success of others CJ's with interactive CJ's. I've decided to have the viewers, vote for what new developments should be applied to the nation. This what the polls will look like throughout the CJ. this is also your first poll to vote on. Just leave a comment below with your answer;) POLL #1 The United Nations Authority has been discussing where they should start to develop their Nation. Should it be 1. In the mountians 2. In the valley 3. By the coast 4. In the plains Here is the region i will be using for this project
  4. Cantondale explodes

    ur CJ is my new favorite, i have one question though, wat did u use to get the streets lined down with trees,
  5. New zones for WashVille

    i noticed under the two bridges, the lanes colors are different, u might want to fix tht by pressing the HOME and END keys on ur keyboard, but anyways, nice:D