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  1. Xfire support for Cities XL

    Would be nice to show some support for 2011 too.Well you can do it here !
  2. Is the game dead or what?

    Hey Guys,i don't know if you have already seen that but a french site recently shed some light on MonteCristo and their financial situation. For those of you who don't speak fluent french (i know there are!) , here is a translation of the most interesting parts : *The Studio is looking for a purchaser. *They were expecting a lot for CitiesXL,only 100 000 copies of the game were sold internationally and that was a disappointment. *Jerome Gastaldi , the Monte Cristo CEO said : "We have a 2 years agenda"."From the beginning it was the first floor of a rocket.Our future is really to have Cities XL installed progressively on most of the computers." *MonteCristo will not communicate until a decision is made. *Some people are interested by the company."We hope to find a buyer for the studio, and that most of the workers will be kept". Sorry for my english That's some bad & good news.I hope they find a buyer and that they will expand Cities XL to become a real SimCity challenger! What do you think ?
  3. Tokens & Marketplace

    This works with holidays hotels too.i Just build a bunch of it while pausing : I guess you found a massive bug here, could be use by some as a "sandbox" mode.I'm wondering if it will ever be fixed.
  4. Where does it save screenshots?

    Hello! What system do you run ? I'm on Vista and it's under the "Images" Folder, in a "MonteChristo" sub folder. Path should be like this : C:\Users\*Yourcompusernamehere*\Pictures\Monte Cristo\Cities XL
  5. Hey there. What is your 200 000 people city's budget ? I'm doing a heavy industry specialized city (for future trade between cities's sake) and i'm around + 80k $ with 150 000 (more or less) people. Important things not to do : giving public services too soon (school,security,fire sation,etc) ; building accordings things when getting a token in the redzone (my actual city has a defficit in high tech and manufacturing but for now it does'nt affect the overall budget balance.I could think of more but first give some details about your city (check your most expensive buildings too)